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"About me? Goodness, where to start. My name is Ven. Hm? Ven who? Oh, just Ven, please. Lettsee. I enjoy tinkering. Engineering. My brain is always looking at things in different ways, looking for neat things to do with them, ways to solve problems or just new things that people didn't think were possible before. I enjoy all the tools that are so useful for that sort of thing - science, mathematics, gadgets. I like the big picture fields, too. Economics, political science, sociology. Fields that ask questions about how we live, and how we might be able to live better."
"I want to live in a culture where technology makes conflict basically irrelevant, because scarcity of physical things and of knowledge is as antiquated a concept as horse drawn carriages or standard 16 hour work days for children in unsafe factories. I want everyone to be able to have a machine that builds anything they can think of, and access to all the things that everyone else has ever thought to make with theirs."
"I want people to be able to modify themselves in any way they like. Cure disease, aging, or injury, change sex to match their mood, tweak their memories to erase trauma, experience altered states of consciousness on a whim, share memories or imagination with others, record their minds to external storage, experience artificial senses, and far more than we could ever imagine being possible today."
"I want us to spread amongst the stars, inhabiting worlds we construct in far space and the even stranger places in the far umbra. The Tellurian is so vast that we can never fill it up with our creativity, but it can be a wonderful journey while we give it our best shot."
"I want you and I to use our remarkable gifts to bring these things and more about. Because we can, and because we have a kind of moral duty to use that capability to bring a bright and exceptional future about for everyone."
"What do you say?"

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Technocrats - Sad. They had a beautiful idea, using our collective gifts to change the world into a better shape. Then hierarchy and authoritarianism corrupted it, like they corrupt everything they touch. It finally degenerated into mind control as a way to ensure lockstep adherence to the insane dictates of the hierarchy, lacking in any imagination or flexibility.

Nephandi - Anathema. Kill on sight. There can be no bargaining, no concessions, no cooperation with those who wish to end the universe or pervert it into a horror beyond imagining. I am not a violent man, but sometimes the goals of two beings are so irreconcilable that there is no viable alternative.

Marauders - Another sad case. These poor people lost their minds, usually as a result of some trauma. Sometimes they're such a danger to others that it comes to violence to protect the people they'd harm otherwise, even though their madness isn't truly their fault. It's tragic all around.

Bloodsuckers - Ugh. I wish we could undo them all, perhaps restore them to humanity or levy a working on them to prevent them from harming people. As is they harm humanity to continue living, and offer their twisted mockery of immortality to others like a virus eating souls. And the ones with blood drenched magic are a mockery of our art and craft. Eliminating all of them being unrealistic right now, we watch and consider covert interference when the worst of them come to our attention.

Spirits and Shifters - There is a fourth essence. We can find a new balance between the existing three in directed change with purpose, a concept that incorporates change, stasis, and appropriate endings. This balance has room for a modern humanity, meaning there's no need to somehow return to the ancient primitive state that was the last balance.

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Full Name Ven
Tradition Virtual Adepts
Resonance Innovative
Nature Visionary
Demeanor Architect
Age 30?

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