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“During all those lat weeks I spent there, there was a peculiar evil feeling in the air - an atmosphere of suspicion, fear, uncertainty, and veiled hatred. You seemed to spend all your time holding whispered conversations in corners of cafes and wondering whether that person at the next table was a police spy,;

– George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia


xxxxxVerity Kincaid is a minor historical figure born in Prospect in the 19th century. She wrote a number of political and anarchist tracts that were attributed to Peter Kropotkin until the 1970s when feminist writers drew closer attention to her works. She died in a failed bomb plot to kill the Tsar of Russia at the end of the century. Only recently has she been seen as an actual key figure in the formation of the plot.

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Verity Kincaid
Date of Birth: 23 of May 1877
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Anarchist
Nature: Avant-guarde
Demeanor: Fanatic

Sphere: Wraith
Faction: Renegade
Guild: Monitor

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