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"La envidia es la sombra de la gloria."

-Spanish proverb


Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
Path: Caine
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Nationality: Mexican


Young Gods
Ready to Bleed

Mexican: Born and raised in Tijuana. Died there, too. Speaks Spanish fluently, English...not so much.

Crime: Drug dealer, errand boy, and former hitman for the Tijuana Cartel. Knows his way around the streets.

Darkness: Interested in meeting those who dwell in it with him. Stealthy and quick.

Violence: Remorseless Killer. Have that in common? RP with Void will likely lead to someone getting hurt.

Noddist: Follower of the Path of Caine. Interested in Vampiric lore and a better understanding of the Vampiric condition.


Mi Jauria

Spotted Horse: Mad. He is one to be wary of, useful when on your side, but oh how quickly can he turn against you.

Skathi: Priestess Warrior of Caine. Much respect is given, and much was earned.

Abe: A weakness to the sword. He will either be forged into something stronger, or be destroyed in the attempt.

Annastasija: The Fledgeling learns. I hope she learns quickly enough.

Hermanos y Hermanas De La Espada

Faqirah: Archbishop. Thank you for helping me get my revenge. Your domain is strong, but your soldiers are not. I feel that I am still needed here...

Cyn: Clever, crafty, wily, paranoid, and antisocial. A loner can be useful...or dangerous.

Niabi: Opinionated. Hard to understand her purpose.

Vera: Manipulator. She makes enemies with me by trying to steal the Fledgeling for her own uses.

Kirby: Reckless, petty, and prideful. I will have her blood.

Anezka: She has much to show, but how much is there underneath the surface of sex and violence?

Zara: She seems to be learning, but still weak flesh that doesn't know its true nature. Is this how they train their Cainites here?

Y Los Otros

Stone: What is an Anarch? Somehow I get the feeling I still do not know.


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La Bestia, La Espada, y El Padre De Los Vampiros


De Donde Vengo