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"Cats are a mysterious kind of folk. There is more passing in their minds than we are aware of." - Sir Walter Scott

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Marcos This is my vampire. There are others like him, but this one is mine.
Silvana Big breast lady is jealous, but she cannot have my vampire.
Druitt Does soft vampire man belong to big breast lady?
Basilisk Vampire fish had better keep her bloody fingers away from my vampire!
Cedric He had better watch how he talks to my vampire. He isn't as important as he thinks.
Caerus No-Shape vampire is whatever he thinks people want him to be.
Melinda Plastic vampire lady is not so pretty under her pretend face.
Stefhan Mopey suit man is always acting like a dog caught misbehaving.
Madeline Floaty vampire lady has many, many pet vampires.
Sharpe Floaty vampire lady's newest pet vampire. She will get tired of him.
LittleA's bag Bunny bag smells like my vampire! I wonder what is inside...
Keme He is not like the others.

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Tremere Familiar
She is Marcos' familiar, and might meet members of Clan Tremere at the chantry.

Elysium Regular

Vampires are liable to run into her (in Marcos' company) at Elysium.

Oddly Laid Back

Most animals are repelled by a number of different supernaturals, but not her. This might come as a surprise to some.

Curiosity Killed...

Sometimes she wriggles away from Marcos on walks and goes in search of some trouble to get into. Are you trouble?

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White Cat
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