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"All we see is but a dream within a dream."

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RP Hooks
  • Goth - Oh, is he ever Goth. He isn't embarrassing about it really, as in he doesn't go on about 'woe is me' or anything. However, he really connects with the ideal of the romantic goth, as well as the style, music, etc.

  • Mage - He is one! Winter is a Hollow One Councilor, meaning he's interested in the group as a whole joining the Traditions. Some Hollow Ones consider him a sell-out for this, but he things they could use the allies in these trying times. His Paradigm involves the hollow space inside of him, along with pop occultism and such.

  • Cliques - He identifies with several different Hollow Cliques. These are groups of Hollow Ones who enjoy hanging out with other supernatural creatures for various reasons. For one thing, he's a Gaunt. This mean he views himself as a bit of a 'Necromancer', and he loves Ghosts. Now, what I mean with Necromancy is that he wants to HELP Wraiths, not enslave them. He's also a Glamour Whore, meaning he has a bit of an addiction to being Enchanted, and he loves hanging out with Changelings. Finally, he's a Blood Boy. He's been fed on before and loved it, and he's interested in it happening again. He knows quite a bit about these various creatures.

  • Cook - He's a cook for a small catering company, and he really likes cooking. He prefers more 'romantic' meals and dishes, and would cook incredible things if he only had the money for the ingredients.

  • Dreams - Winter is an Oneiromancer, which are Hollow Ones who play with dreams. It's the entire reason he's begun to focus on Mind magic, as he is very interested in entering people's dreams and partaking in them.

  • Past Lives - Almost all of his numerous past lives were Verbena, and he remembers them rather well. In addition, he has an INCREDIBLE connection to the Dream, and can access skills from his past lives. However, those past lives sometimes...nudge their way in.

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Winter inactive mage

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Real Name: Suck It the Third
Date of Birth: "November 1st", 1996
Nationality: American
Hometown: Savannah, GA
Occupation: Cook
Demeanor: Deviant
Tradition: Hollow Ones
Faction: Traditions
Cliques: Councilors/Gaunts/Glamour Whores/Blood Boy

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