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<br>'''<font style="color: #779aa7; font-family: Garamond; font-size: 46pt; text-shadow: #674a4f 4px 2px 2px">Wraith</font>'''<br><br>
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Ring around the rosies
a pocketful of posies
atishoo, atishoo
we all fall down


With every beginning has to come an end. The constant struggle that we all fight in life to find some sort of meaning to it all, the hopes that something else beyond the afterlife is out there. Something greater than all this, even ourselves...faith, love, hate, passion. It seems to mean so much to us in life and afterwards, yes even afterwards it does carry over for us. Afterwards when all is said and done and you find yourself stuck with only your most deepest and darkest nightmares to face alone, warding off the ever encroaching pull of Oblivion...there once again you try to find meaning to it all.

To find safety for some, security or power for others, but we all make our dues somehow down here in these forbidden wastelands. This...place, this city has a long history of it's own 'ghosts'. We have many here. We've been here for quite some time and we shall continue to thrive here in secret keeping with our ways and to each his own. California, the state of opportunity holds true not only for the Quick, but for the Dead as well. Where will the Golden State find you?

Rules & Systems
- special landmarks -
- NPC's - See 'News' on the game.
Current Plots
  • something happening soon
  • something happening here soon
  • something here?
Character Generation

CG numbers

  • Your character begins with each Attribute at one dot. Priority selection determines how many additional dots you may place in each category: Divide 7 dots among your character's primary Attributes, 5 dots among her secondary Attributes and 3 dots among her tertiary Attributes. You may not raise an Attribute above 5 dots. Freebie points allow you to increase an Attribute in chargen.
  • Assign 13 dots to your primary category, 9 dots to your secondary category, and 5 dots to your tertiary category. You may not assign more than 3 dots to any Ability, but you can increase Abilities to 4 or 5 dots with freebie points later.
  • Arcanoi are the unique powers that wraiths possess. You have 5 dots to purchase Arcanoi.
  • Your character receives 7 background points to divide as you choose
  • You have 10 points to divvy up among your passions. For more on passions, see page 216
  • You have 10 points to assign to your Fetters, which can have a ratings from 1 to 5. Your passions and fetters can work together, for example, you can have the passion ‘Finish My Novel (determination) 5’ and the fetter ‘Incomplete Manuscript: 4’
  • Your initial pathos rating is 5 plus however many dots you have in the background memoriam.
  • Your base willpower is 5
  • The final step. You now have 15 freebie points with which to round out your character and select Traits you couldn't afford previously. Each Trait has its own price (see the table in the Character Creation Summary on p. 101).

Approval Tips
Some tips on getting your character approved painlessly.

  • Make sure to read up on what you wish to play so that you have an idea of how the game/theme/system works.
  • Have a solid concept. Make sure your stats fit the concept you're going for.
  • Talk to Staff in pages, @mail or via +request if you've got questions, concerns or ideas.
  • Not everyone needs to be a combat centric. Social and Mental rolls will be used liberally here.
  • Use common sense. Gunshots get noticed in the city as are weapons that are considered illegal to carry out on the streets in California.