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* [[Backgrounds#Wraith|Backgrounds]]
* [[Backgrounds#Wraith|Backgrounds]]
* [[Character Generation/Wraith|Character generation]]
* [[Character Generation/Wraith|Character generation]]
** [[Character Generation/Risen|Risen character generation]]

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"Not Chen?"
"Gordon Bennet, yes, Chen, everybody, everybody's dead, Dave!"
-Red Dwarf



With every beginning has to come an end. The constant struggle that we all fight in life to find some sort of meaning to it all, the hopes that something else beyond the afterlife is out there. Something greater than all this, even ourselves...faith, love, hate, passion. It seems to mean so much to us in life and afterwards, yes even afterwards it does carry over for us. Afterwards when all is said and done and you find yourself stuck with only your most deepest and darkest nightmares to face alone, warding off the ever encroaching pull of Oblivion... there once again you try to find meaning to it all.

To find safety for some, security or power for others, but we all make our dues somehow down here in these forbidden wastelands. This... place, this city has a long history of its own ghosts. We have many here. We've been here for quite some time, and we shall continue to thrive here in secret, keeping with our ways and to each his own. "California, the state of opportunity" holds true not only for the Quick, but for the Dead as well. Where will the Golden State find you?

Rules and Systems


For some reason, possibly due to the enormous number of supernaturals in Prospect, the Shadowlands are weak here. Nihils open up all the time, and the tempest that rages over the oceans is always threatening to blow onto land. The hierarchy basically decided that it was only a matter of time before the whole place fell into the ocean, as it were, and cleared out, making Prospect a sort of wild west borderland.

Without the hierarchy to police the place, and with nihils much more common here than elsewhere, several groups stepped in to keep the specters under control. Some neighborhoods are ruled by gangs, literal gangs of renegades -- in many cases renegades who were part of the same gang, in the same neighborhood in life. One or two heretic priests, having fled here to escape persecution and set themselves up in whatever churches are around, have created sanctuaries. And doomslayers come looking to take on the mother lode of specters.


Most Restless are content to deal with their compatriots on a one-on-one basis, regardless of political affiliation. However, each faction has its fanatics and rabble-rousers.

Major factions:

  • The Renegades are rebels, pitting themselves against any who would fence them in, be that Hierarchy, Heretics or other Renegades.
  • The Heretics are those who seek a higher state, perhaps in Transcendence, perhaps in the Far Shores, perhaps somewhere not yet known.
  • The Hierarchy claims its authority from the departed Charon. Its lords demand respect from all, and use the Legions to back up such requests.


  • The Guilds began as loose "colleges" among the dead to teach the wraithly arts of Arcanoi to those who used or wished to pursue mastery in them. Later, the Guilds evolved into political organizations of Freewraiths, existing outside of the Legions.
  • The Ferrymen were originally created and empowered by Charon in the heady days before the Stygian Republic, charged to see souls safely to the Far Shores and Transcendence. Now they travel the Byways and Shadowlands, bound on unknowable missions.


Ongoing Wraith Plots
Next Date Storyteller Name Description Logs

Feel free to add your name here if you're interested in running one-shot PrP events.

  • Dead Eye - Plots and stories involving the Shadowlands, Tempest, Labyrinth, Far Shores, and the Skinlands. Also, always looking for new Wraith PCs to join my crew on the ghost ship, the Angel de Muerte.