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Blue Alert.png INFO: See also: Recommending XP bonuses for good RP



Trait XP Cost
Attribute Current Rating x 4
New Ability (primary or secondary) 3
Raise Existing Ability (primary or secondary) Current Rating x 2
Willpower Current Rating
New Background (other than Totem/etc.) 3
Raise Existing Background (other than Totem/etc.) Current Rating x 2
Totem / Jamak / Nushi / Orisha Bond 2 per dot
New Merit 3x Rating
Buy off Flaw 2x Rating

All XP amounts are taken from Revised Core books for each sphere, except the Merit and Flaw thing. Note that not all merits may be approved for post-Chargen purchase; this is on a case by case basis.


Trait XP Cost Page Number
New power 1 XP per dot The Bygone Bestiary pg 102
Increased power 1 XP per added dot


Trait XP Cost Page Number
New Art 7 CtD pg 276
Raise Existing Art Current Level x 4
New Realm 5
Raise Existing Realm Current Level x 3
Glamour Current Rating x 2


Trait XP Cost Page Number
New Sliver 7 Inanimae pg 87
Raise Existing Sliver Favorable: Current Level x 5
Neutral: Current Level x 6
Opposed: Current Level x 7
New Realm 5
Raise Existing Realm Favorable: Current Level x 3
Neutral: Current Level x 4
Opposed: Current Level x 5
Phyla Favorable Slivers Opposed Slivers Favorable Realms Opposed Realms
Glome, Kubera Petros, Verdage, Aquis Stratus Earth, Water Air
Ondine Aquis, Stratus Pyros Water, Air Fire
Paroseme Stratus, Pyros Petros, Verdage Air, Fire Earth
Solimond Pyros, Petros, Verdage Aquis Fire, Earth Water
Mannikin none none Spirit none


Trait XP Cost Page Number
New Wu Tan 8 Land of Eight Million Dreams pg 124
Raise Existing Wu Tan Current Level x 7
Yin Chi / Yang Chi / Tao Earn ten temporary points via roleplay

Hsien can only buy or raise Nei Tan while their permanent Chi is balanced (Yin = Yang).


Trait XP Cost Page Number
Faith Current Rating x 7 DtF pg 164
Torment 10 to lower by 1
New Lore 7 (10 if from a House other than the character's)
Raise Existing Lore Current Rating x 5
Raise Virtue Current Rating x 2

You can never raise a lore higher than your primary lore, which is determined by your apocalyptic form. (DtF 170) Raising another lore equal to your primary lore is OK.

Active (not prospective) thralls can raise Faith Potential (up to a maximum of 5) for the same XP cost as Faith.


Trait XP Cost Page Number
Arete Current Rating x 8 MtA pg 131
House Rule: based on current instead of new
Raise Specialty Sphere Current Rating x 7
New Sphere 10
Raise Other Existing Sphere Current Rating x 8

Technocratic specialty spheres:

  • Iteration X - Forces
  • New World Order - Mind
  • Progenitors - Life
  • Syndicate - Entropy
  • Void Engineers - Dimensional Science

MtA pg 90: Many Orphans, especially Hollow Ones, have no specialty sphere (but some do)



Trait XP Cost Reference
New Numina 7 Sorcerer - pg 45
Raise Existing Numina Current Rating x 7
Ritual level of ritual x 3 House Rule


Trait XP Cost Temp Autonomy Cost Reference
Permanent Autonomy Current Rating x 8 n/a Possessed - pg 100
Buy Off / Lower Taint Kami only: Taint level (difference if lowered) x 5 Fomori only: Taint level (difference if lowered) x 2 Possessed - pg 100 / House Rule
New / Raise Power Kami only: Power level (difference if raised) x 5 Fomori/Drones/Gorgons only: Power level (difference if raised) x 2 Possessed - pg 100 / House Rule

Gorgons and fomori can also gain taints to gain powers. (Possessed pg 99)


Trait XP Cost Reference
New Discipline

Use the first rule that applies.

  • Common or in clan:
    • Subrace Ghoul: 15
    • Other subrace with Ghoul merit: 20
  • Proprietary:
    • No teacher: 30
    • Subrace Ghoul: 15
    • Other subrace with Ghoul merit: 20
  • Restricted:
    • No teacher: Not allowed
    • Subrace Ghoul: 15
    • Other subrace with Ghoul merit: 20
House Rule
Raise Existing Discipline (Subrace Ghoul)
  • In clan: Current Rating x 7
  • Out of clan: Current Rating x 10
House Rule
Raise Existing Discipline (other subrace with Ghoul merit)
  • In-clan: Current Rating x 15
  • Out-of-clan: Current Rating x 25
Fatal Addiction - pg 85

For this purpose, only a PC vampire counts as a teacher.


Trait XP Cost Reference
Gift (Subrace Kinfolk)
  • Kinfolk-specific: 3
  • Level 1 homid, in-tribe, or general (for Fera): 7
  • Other level 1: 10
  • Gifts requiring Gnosis: Must have the Gnosis merit
  • Gifts requiring Rage: Not available
House Rule


Same as Changeling


Trait XP Cost Page Number
New hekau 7 MtR 146
Raise existing favored hekau current rating x 4
Raise existing other hekau current rating x 6
Balance current rating x 7
New spell/ritual level x 3 House rule
Increase existing cascade spell/ritual difference in levels x 3


Trait XP Cost Page Number
Gift level of gift x 3 WtA pg 181
Gift from other Breed/Auspice/Tribe level of gift x 5
Rage current rating
Gnosis current rating x 2
Rites level of rite x 3

Gurahl: Gifts from a previous auspice count as in-auspice. This includes Rip Van Winkle, but not auspices skipped via Early Maturation.


Trait XP Cost Page Number
New Discipline
  • Common or in clan: 10
  • Proprietary and out of clan:
    • Teacher: 10
    • No teacher: 20
  • Restricted and out of clan: Not allowed
VtM pg 143
Raise Existing Clan Discipline Rating x 5*
Raise Existing Other Discipline Rating x 7*
Virtue Rating x 2
Humanity or Path of Enlightenment Rating x 2
New Path (Thaumaturgy/etc.)* 7
Raise Existing Secondary Thaumaturgy/etc. Path Rating x 4
Thaumaturgy/etc. Ritual Rating x 3
  • Caitiff have no clan-based disciplines, just as they have no clan. For them the cost of raising Disciplines is the current rating x 6 for all Disciplines.
  • Other forms of blood magic use the same costs: currently Necromancy, Dur-An-Ki, Koldunic Sorcery, Ahku, Abyss Mysticism.
  • For this purpose, only a PC vampire counts as a teacher. Use +request to claim the discount. Drinking the teacher's blood is not required (that rule is only in MET and V20).
  • Laibon: Orun and Aye are capped per Ebony Kingdom page 86.


Anything not listed here is the same as western vampires.

Trait XP Cost Page Number
New Discipline 10 KotE pg 142
Raise Existing Discipline Current Rating x 8
Yin, Yang, Hun
  • Current Rating x 3
  • Current Rating x 2 if imbalanced (3+ points higher than its opposite)
    • Yin and Yang are opposites
    • Hun and P'o are opposites
    • Discount only applies when raising the higher one and making yourself more imbalanced
    • If you become Yin or Yang imbalanced, then you need to gain a derangement (KotE 139)
    • If you become no longer imbalanced, then this derangement goes away
    • Opposing pair can't total more than 10 (would require Dharma 6+) (KotE 54)
P'o Current Rating
Rite Rating x 3
Dharma Current Rating x 4 House rule
Necromancy Ritual Rating+1 x 3
  • Requires Occult 3, Rituals 4, being Yin-aspected AND a PC teacher
Bone Flowers pg XX


Trait XP Cost Page Number
New Arcanos 7 WtO pg 228-231
Raise Existing Arcanos Current Rating X 3
New Arcanos Basic Ability 4
Arcanos Basic Ability To lvl 1 3
Passions 3 per dot in rating
Fetters 3 per dot in rating
Alternate art (already have
another version of that
Arcanos at that level)
1st dot: 1
2nd dot: 3
3rd dot: 6
4th dot: 9
5th dot: 12
WtO pg 133
New discipline (Risen) 10 WW6302/49
Raise existing discipline (Risen) Current Rating X 6


Trait XP Cost Page Number
Thorns Original Thorn Cost WtO pg 231
Personal Angst Current Rating
Dark Passion Dark Passion Rating X 2