Yael Wald

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Information Snapshots
Full Name: Yael Wald
Occupation: CEO - Wald Arms International
Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Competitor
Date of Birth: May 14
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Height: 5'10"
Race: Mortal+/Kinfolk
Tribe: Khan

Hooks Contacts

  • Foreign Born - Yael was born in Israel, served her time in the IDF, and created her own multi-national corporation.

  • Arms Manufacturer - Yael's company manufactures and sells a wide variety of firearms all around the world. Above board and legal, of course! She built the company from scratch and has worked hard to build a sterling reputation in the international arms market.

  • Mover and Shaker - As the CEO of a major corporation, she has a fair amount of influence in politics and industry. Maybe you're one of the important people too?

  • Kinfolk - Though she's Israeli, her ancestry trends further east. She's kin to the mighty Khan of Asia with an impeccable pedigree. (Pure Breed 3)

Zhang Jun

Bright King. Imposing and regal.

RP Logs

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