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“There are always mirrors darkly, there are always shadows on the wall and there are always islands on misty lakes. What we see is never what is really there.”


Concept: Retired Tennis Star

Supernatural Race: Vampire

CLAN: Malkavian

STATUS: Baby Vamp

Main Stats:

Charisma: 4

Athletics: 4

Obfuscate: 3

Astrology: 3

Numerology: 3

Disguise: 3



Short (4 feet 6 inches)

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The Others


I'm from Las Vegas, so who knows.
Werewolf There are a lot of hairy guys living up in the foothills above Las Vegas.
Vampire From tennis star to vampire toy to girl vampie, all in one night!
Mage A Mage would be invisible in Las Vegas.
Wraith I might know one, but I can't be sure because I'm crazy.


Who knows, everyone goes to Las Vegas sooner or later.
Ghoul2 Yes, I know a ghoul, my ex-tennis couch. I hope to one day meet her and drain her dry.
Kinfolk2 I don't have any kinfolk in California. All of mine are in Japan.
Sorcerer Same as Mages, they could make a killing in Los Vegas.
Mortal They are the creators of our dreams. Without them, we are all doomed.

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Adele Sweetheart All of her emotions are on display in her paintings. She is someone worth following.

Silvana Sil is a very nice lady. I hope I can meet her more.

Linda Seems to be a newbie like me. I hope to meet her more.

Slayton He called me Rainbow. There is a lot of pain inside of him and it makes him a cool cowboy.

Vivianne A voice of an angel, but she confuses me.

James Silent type, I wonder what happens when he really talks.

Leon Vivianne likes him.... alot.

Dawyne Him and his gang... a bad dream.

Riva A friend of Adele. Nice girl.

Agate A confidence level I couldn't reach. Something about her expression makes me think Timothy Leary.

Bruno A man of few words. I like his choice in reading material.

Shiroi A fellow Japanese transplant. I wonder if we are related?

Brice He is so cool!!!

Akira/Celest A room with the door locked to me.

Esme I don't like her, which is saying a lot about me.

Arya She seems... imperial, decisive and determined.

Darrius Seems a nice guy.

Hailee She is so nice and its easy to talk to because she looks about my age.

JD A giant of a man, yet he seems so gentle. He has such cool pets.

Jax How can't I not like him, he's shorter than I am, probably smarter too.

Kimble The world needs Bearers of Peace, who else will remain to greet the Lamb?

Madeline So many great dancers here. With Maddy, I could dance with her all night.

Sentinel Who wouldn't like a big, sexy lady of stone?

Skye She is so shy, so nice and vulnerable.

Camila A ladykiller in high heels. A perfect beauty.

Silvana She looks so... well... confident.

Zuriko So you can't see her, hear her or talk with her. I can!

Vegard He appears very strong of will and fits the office he occupies. Metalhead

Jolene She appears to be into medicine.

Asheton Another rose in the garden. Very nice.

Nelle Lady of the Moonless Night

Claudia She is like Yuriko in some ways, in other ways she is better.

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No pages meet these criteria.

Yuriko is currently under care and supervision after a psychological breakdown.

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Full Name: Yuriko Ichigawa

Nation: Japanese-American (born in Japan, brought to the USA when she was four) Background: Consider a tennis prodigy at the age of three, her parents brought her to the USA to get the best training and coaches. Growing up in Los Vegas, she excelled at in the junior high and high school league. Her younger sister, Zuriko, was good as well, but not on the same level as her older sister. In those leagues, Yuriko was known as the Kamikaze Kid or KK, due to her petite size and her on-court acrobatics. Walk On The Dark Side: Neither Yuriko, Zuriko nor their parents knew the girls' private tennis coach was a ghoul, who was connected to a Malkavian by the name of Los Vegas Sam, a flamboyant sports manager, who seem to be very much of a nightowl, but he was always able to get the girls photo shoots and media interviews. It all came crashing down on the night of Yuriko's graduation from high school. At a party at a mansion up in the foothills. The owner styled himself as the Malkavian Prince of Los Vegas (which Yuriko doubts since she was informed a different clan controls Los Vegas - maybe the guy was delusional or a frontman, who knows). Embrace and Escape: Yuriko was Embrace but Zuriko was left human. Both were locked away in a windowless room. There both were in terror, thinking they were about to get sold into slavery and prostitution. Then came the Hunger for Yuriko. She fought against it but in the end, the Frenzy came and she sucked her sister dry. Afterwards, she escaped from the mansion during what appears to be a raid by a chick biker gang (Yuriko heard rumors it was a Sabbat chick gang, Hel's Valkyires).

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RP Hooks
Mortal Hooks

Tennis - Yuriko was a up and coming tennis star. So as a retired tennis star, she can use her fame and experience to be a tennis couch to the multitudes of young tennis players and their mothers. She is sure there are parents willing to pay and accept certain conditions to have Yuriko services.

Gym-Rat - So Yuriko is dead. So what? Since she has been in training since she was four years old, those sort of habits you can't break. Besides some gyms are 24-7 like shop-and-robs. There also a possibility of some meals-on-legs might make a mistake and try to mug a petite girl jogging at night.

Police - Yuriko is pretty sure the police are looking for her as a possible witness to the grisly deaths of her parents and the disappearance of their children. Hopefully the chick biker raid on a mansion not far from Yuriko's home will keep the police distracted.

A Girl Of A Thousand Faces - Due to her build, her height and her enjoyment of wearing boys or non-gender clothes, Yuriko can pass herself off as any teenager. She has even put together a small disguise kit of washable hair dyes, wigs, quick makeup, contact lens and even a couple of padded bras for that teen hooker look when require. While currently she does this for fun and to cover her tracks in case of a bad date, she could apply her disguise skills for profit.

Astrologer - Yuriko has been doing astrology and numerology since she was eight years old at the suggestion of her elementary school councilor, who told her she should start a hobby that was opposite of her tennis training. Yuriko with Zuriko picked astrology, and the subject didn't have a chance against two balls of teen energy, by the end of the year, they had all the books, the charts and even an astrologer machine. Of course this lead to numerology, which is related to astrology since both where developed by the Babylonians for religious purposes.

Vampire Hooks

Malkavian Recruiter - There are plenty of crazy chick vampires out there, they just need some tender loving words, a hug and a place where they feel needed. After all, we all hear voices, only the really-really-really dead don't.

Learning The Ropes - While she has traveled through three vampire domains in California, most of what Yuriko has learned of vampires and other supernatural entities is from word-from-mouth and a few books covering ancient religions. So anyone willing to help her learn more would be helpful. It could even be a fun barrel of monkeys since she is crazy.

Los Vegas - Having lived in Los Vegas for fourteen years, Yuriko knows the city as well as any teenager, including some of the things her parents wouldn't want her or her sister to know. While her knowledge of the supernatural in Los Vegas is limited, she might recognize some personages by their pictures.

Team Player - Although tennis is an individual sport on the professional level, even with pairs, on the junior high and high school level it is very much a team sport, where team achievement is equal to individual achievement. Since Yuriko is Japanese, who are born team players, she not only willingly follow Adele's orders, the current Malkavian Whip, she is willing to help the other clans of the Camarilla, as long as she gets permission from Adele.

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DISCLAIMER: None of the photos or drawings used in this profile belongs to me, Yuriko is a FICTIONAL character.

Perfect smile.jpg

Perfect Smile

Yuriko in her element.jpg

Yuriko In Her Element

Yuriko at school.jpg

Yuriko At School

Yuriko is ready.jpg

Yuriko is Ready

Yuriko at an interview.jpg

Yuriko at a Interview

Yuriko first experiment with hair coloring.jpg

Yuriko first experiment with hair coloring

Yuriko in her favorite disguise.jpg

Yuriko in one of her favorite Disguises

Yuriko 2.jpg

Another of Yuriko many disguises

* LA is so expensive! I had to do something for some scratch! Yuriko NSFW

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