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Wraith "What is fate but a fleeting excuse upon which the downtrodden place their hopes." Oracles

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RP Hooks


Yuzuki hasn't been a wraith that long really, but she had a good teacher in the Yellow Springs. Shen that interact with the shadowlands might be surprised to know that there's now a magisterial office in Prospect. Other wraiths might be surprised that Yu Huang is even attempting to push the imperial boundaries into the west. Still, the sudden addition of a new seat of power is sure to cause talk amongst the relatively fragmented shadowlands of prospect.

Spectre Prestige

Hushed whispers and fragments of information rise about the spectre that Yuzuki is toting around. Some call it a curse and others call it a boon, but spectres call it friend on some level. They say that it plays the long game, it wants a wraith to slowly but suredly devolve into a spectre by its own choice. Not because it had to take over, but because the wraith saw no other option.

Magisterial Office

The first of its kind in Prospect and subject to random imperial edicts at any time, Yuzuki netted a pretty good post for a small time Bureaucrat from a small section of conquered imperial territory. Never the less, this is a less than stellar post due to the fragmented nature of the area and the lack of extra-territorial borders. Also, the constant threat of random pieces of the shadowland being swallowed by the tempest does not help. Only time will tell if Yu Huang made a good or bad decision here, but who are we kidding, Yuzuki is going to get blamed for the result either way.


Yuzuki is a wraith from one of the far off shores. While she represents the Dark Kingdom of Jade in prospect, that is not where she came from. Instead, she came from a small conquered territory a ways away from Yellow Springs. She is however willing to help fellow wraiths in the area and has a bit of skill in navigating the tempest if its needed.


Shen that go into the Yin realm are probably going to start to notice that there's a new haunt beneath china town and a new set of residents. Yes, she's here for you. You are, after all, Yu Huang's people. Right? Right. Of course you are. Of. Course. You. Are.

Others in Shadowlands

Do you go to the shadowlands? Well you're going to notice a new haunt. She's not going to apologize, nor are the guards, but they will invite you in for a meeting. Are you of Yu Huang's people? Even better, sign this contract so we can make sure you get to where you need to go.

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Fullname: Yuzuki Ikiteiru
Date of Birth: February 2nd, 1990
Age: 27
Race: Wraith
Faction: Shen, Wraith, Dark Kingdom of Jade
Demeanor: Bureaucrat

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Notable Stats
Manipulation Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.png
Charisma Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.png
Finance Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png
Alertness Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png
The Way of the Artisan Fgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png
The Way of the Merchant Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png
Fatalism Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png
Shadow Familiar Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.png
Magisterial Office Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png
Notoriety Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png
Spectre Prestige Fgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png

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