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Zelda Jameson

“Is evil something you are? Or is it something you do?”
Brett Easton Ellis
Apparent Age: Teens
Date of Birth: October 31st
Occupation: Movie Store Assistant Manager (Really)
House: Halaku
Faction: Reconciler
Demeanor: Chameleon

  • Hananamal: The Halaku known as Hananamal was always a gentle creature. It took life mercifully, and loathed to see others suffer. Even by the end of the war she was somehow at peace.

  • Torment: Time in the Abyss changed everyone, though. Torment ate her away from inside, and by the time she escaped she was maddened and broken utterly.

  • Reconciler: This world is broken BECAUSE of the Fallen. People suffer because of them. People are sick, both spiritually and physically, because of the Fallen. The world will be made a paradise again. She regrets the War...and works to make this world beautiful again...by murdering the ever loving fuck out of monsters.

  • Killer: On that note, Zelda is all smiles. She is sweet and innocent and caring...to those who deserve it. Rapists and killers and thugs and corrupters die. Horribly. HORRIBLY. Chainsaws. Meat hooks. Wood chippers. Please note that, while she horribly murders terrible people, I don't target PCs. If a PC is blatant over a good period of time then I might. Normally, however, this is directed at NPCs. So, don't take this aspect of her as a reason not to RP with her!

  • Movies: Zelda works at one of the few remaining movie stores out there. They have an amazing selection, actually, and tend to cater to hipsters and people who still like that kind of thing. She's an Assistant Manager, and curates the -amazing- horror section personally.

  • Local: Nineteen year old Zelda grew up right here in Prospect. She's never even left, other then on family vacations and such! She could easily know others.


  • None: No contacts yet.