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Garou.png - Protectors. They should be respected.

Kinfolk2.png - Brothers & Sisters. We are one and work towards a common goal.
Blackspiraldancers.png - Nothing to see here. Just keep swimming.
Mortal.png - Stay away from my family. You cause veil breaks like WHOA.

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RP Hooks
Kinfolk: Zeppelin is a kinfolk of the Coggie types. She's happy to help or assist or whatever all in the family. They are her family now. You are all one. One of us. One of us.

Mated: Zeppelin did a thing. She got a ring! She has the world's best person as her person. This also gives her ties to the Fianna as well he is one. He's got pure breed and all.

Mommy and Me: Zeppelin did another thing. She made a life. Seriously, it CAME OUT OF HER. Whoa. She made an actual human.

Coffee: Sweet sweet life force.

Computers and Security: She has a natural talent for both and there are few security systems she can't hack.

Multiple Personality: Not hers, but yours. She can forge you some documents if you need them.

Hippie Friendliness: She'll be your bestie the moment she meets you.

Random: Zeppelin can be very random and thus I'm open for all sorts of RP.

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Zeppelin Marley Stoker

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Full Name: Zeppelin Marley Stoker (Smith)
Date of Birth: June 25
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Height: 4'8"
Hair: Golden Red
Eyes: Hazel
Tribe: Team Unicorn
(aka Children of Gaia)
Species: Kinfolk
Mate: He Put A Ring On It
Spawn: Nope

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Played By: Katherine McNamara