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Zero Cartoon 2.jpg


Zero 1.png


Date of Birth: "Stupid!"

Apparent Age: "Boring!"

Occupation: "Yeah, right!"

Nationality: "Citizen of the planet Earth. DIE! DIE! ALIEN SCUM!"

RP HOOKS! (Sorta)

Crazy "She's not crazy. *You're* crazy!"

Lezzie Vampires "Hates them!"

Watermelons "The real musical fruit! Ask her about the melon-baller! That means *you*, Mugsy!"

Agent of F.E.S.T.E.R. "She's a secret agent! It says so on her business card!"

Space Mummies! "If you see them tell her immediately and return to your home citizen!"

Top Sekrit Infirmation!

Psychos, Weirdos, and Perverts!

VampireKindred "Lezzie vampires must die! What!? There's no guy vampires! Just lezzies!"

WerewolfGarou "PUPPY!"

WraithWraith "What!? That's crazy!"

MageMage "Mage-schmage!"

MortalMortal "Well, Duh!"

ChangelingChangelings "Is that like transvestites?"

People I Know!

Tyler Delaney "My dorky brother. He's never around when you need him."

Wren-Wren (the les-bi-an) "She buys me stuff so she's okay. Really moody most of the time. It's not *my* fault if she can't get laid!"

River "You're gonna get in trouble one of these days."

Princess Dionysus "Tranny pervert! I don't want to wear a dress!"

Bliss "Mini-me! The first in my army of clones! Good soldier!"

Mugsy "My Arch-Nemesis! Bowel-Disruptor set on intestine MELT!"

Phil "YOU CHEATED!!!... and you're probably a commie!"


Cross "A very suspicious-looking hobo. I think that he did it."

The Best Stuff Ever!

Zero Gallery 1.jpg Da-Num! Zero Gallery 2.jpg Take that, shark breath! Zero Gallery 3.jpg Vampire Lezzies!
Zero Gallery 4.jpg They're Real! Space Mummy Leader 1.jpg The Space Mummy Leader Revealed! Zero Gallery 31.jpg OWie!
Zero Gallery 7.jpg Nazis. I hate them! Zero Gallery 8.jpg I Survived! Zero Gallery 9.jpg Hobbitses. They annoy me. Zero Gallery 10.jpg Phear! CthuluPark2.jpg Aliens are real! ...and they have cool stuff! Zero Gallery 12.jpg Weird.
Zero Gallery 13.jpg THE LAND OF BACON! I WANNA GO! Zero Gallery 14.jpg Zombie Grrl! Rawr! Zero Gallery 15.jpg Could happen.
Zero Gallery 16.jpg There are my slippers. Zero Gallery 17.jpg Shiney. Purple. Leather! Mugsy.jpg Ew.
Zero Gallery 19.jpg Not what you think. Zero Gallery 20.jpg Circle of Life. Zero Gallery 21.jpg I'm coming for you Mugsy!
Zero Gallery 22.jpg *snicker* Zero Gallery 23.jpg Target: acquired. Zero Gallery 24.jpg SURPRISE!
Zero Gallery 25.jpg Swooping, out of the shadows! Zero Gallery 26.jpg I'm coming to git you, varmit! Zero Gallery 27.jpg Shaq-Fu Ninja Chop!
Zero Gallery 28.jpg TOM JONES!!! Zero Gallery 29.jpg whatever.

Zero Gallery 30.jpg i'm sleepy now.