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Drum Circle
Chillin on the beach
IC Date Februrary 20th
IC Time After dark
Players Akimi, Aodhan, Basilisk, Cynthia, Dex, George, Jacqueline, Journey, Leila, Maggie, Nezhana, Rodrigo, Saphris Daily, Shelby, Simone, Steele, Vesta
Location North shore beach

Steele pull up in a big tiedyed van with a giant slug drawn on the front. Jaq is with him, of course. About this same time, other people start to converge on the beach. Waves and waves and waves of hippies. Oh god all the hippies. Men, women, children, two guys on two bicycles with hot dog and hamburger carts and another guy that rides up with a cotton candy machine on the back. Oh yeah. It's going to be one of those nights. Someone's already set up some wood for the bonfire. Two guys start to scour the perimeter, checking for broken glass and things while most of the kids start unloading drums and instruments and things to set up for what is promising to be a very big party.

Bouncing out of the van, Jaq comes around to kiss Steele and makes for the fire pit to help get the wood set up. She does not look like a hippy. In stretchy yoga pants and a 'Mother of Dragons' shirt over her itty baby bump. She helps add wood and stack the extra smiling and laughing at comments about what a quick worker Steele is.

George heard there was going to be a thing so he called a couple people who called a couple more. When he shows up he's walking beside his bike with another dozen or two people coming to participate. A couple of them have coolers of drinks and things that get brought over to the appropriate area, its like a block party with a beach instead of a neighborhood right? Steele and Jaq get picked out of the growing crowd and George heads that direction "Got a pretty good turn out tonight."

Aodhan arrives on a motorcycle, the dwarf's bike built special for him. A van pulls up beside him, and an obviously Irish family spills out. Then another and a third, a good fifteen extra folks, young and old and inbetween but all ginger. You can't keep a drum circle secret from a bard, and even a bard can't stop his huge Irish Catholic family from following him to any kind of party. More wood, grills, meat, drinks in coolers, and in unlabled jars, all make apearances.

<UMBRA> George is also followed in by an assortment of bird spirits, occasionally one will land on his shoulder and whisper something to him.

There are tons of people here. There is a small amount of security. There isn't an actual perimeter, but anyone who is clearly joining in the circle, they will be noticed. The 'security' is David and one other guy named Josh. They're cool. You probably won't even notice them unless you're causing trouble.

There is (or will be, if you get here early) a huge bonfire about 20 feet from the water with somewhere around 20 or 30 people in a huge circle around the fire, drumming while others are inside the circle, dancing around the fire. It's men, women, children. A majority of people look rather hippie-ish, but there is a good number of homeless and perfectly 'normal' people mixed in as well

Steele grins at Jaq and starts giving direction to some of the kids. Take this, put that there, watch out for that. He does his share of work too, and gives bro hugs to people here and there as he passes. George gets a thumbs up and Aodhan gets a quick lookover, since he's not been seen before and he heads that way. "Hey there," he calls out amiably.

From near the fire pit, Jaq smiles at George and Aodhan as they bring their hoards and fusses with the wood a little more before sitting back and looking to Steele to see if she's starting it with the drums tonight.

Basilisk is out on the sea, a completely naked odd woman coming closer to shore. She pauses when she sees the fire, curious but wary to approach.

George glances over at Aodhan as well and offers a wave in recognition before turning back to Steele "Heard there was gonna be a thing, I might have told a few people about it. The more the merrier though right?"

Aodhan grins "Hey lad, I just heard there'd be music and fire and I and mine can't ever pass that up. Feel free to share in on the cookin meat, we have more wood to keep the fire goin, and we got drinks and Drinks." the little Irishman winks, his Brogue thick and if one is familiar with it from rural Ireland, but well educated. He nods his head to George.

Steele grins at Aodhan and nods. "Sure thing. Just wanted to make sure that everyone was gonna have a good time. We don't have a permit, so... just.. the drinks and all." He indicates the coolers. "No objections, mind you. Just gotta make sure that if people are drinking, they're old enough to drink." George knows him, so that helps a lot.

Steele might be 19 and have a fake ID, but that's totally irrelevant so shut up

Steele might be twenty, don't do that to me. Brat.

Not Steele's fault that Jaq's a cougar.


Aodhan grins "No worries Lad, non-o my baerns will be drinkin, an' Mike'll make sure no one gets to the jar's wi'out id." he says. "The coolers are fulla brewed sodas, ginger ale, birch beer, sasparilla." he nods "The jar's come from the still, but don' worry it might be shine, but the boyo's pay their taxes so the cman and tman stay happy."

Looking up from the wood, Jaq calls out to Steele "Cher! You want me to wait on this or go ahead?" She asks loudly. she leans back on a hand, the other going to her belly. These thing's are always so chaotic and fun.

Basilisk continues to watch the strange land people from the ocean. Her head rises above the surface, barely visible against the night sky.

Steele nods to Aodhan and claps him all friendly-like on the shoulder. "GOod man. We feed everyone here, so if you're sharing, just set up wherever. Thanks, man." He turns to look over his shoulder at Jaq and gives her a thumbs up. "Ready when you are, baby girl." He glances over a little further and yells out, "David? We good? No glass, no trash?" David way over there gives a thumbs up. "Good to go, Boss." And then Steele nods back to Jaq. "Light 'er up."

With word of mouth on the street being what it is, the party on the beach likely turned from drum-circle to bonfire to alien landing site and back again. But it was assumed, whatever it was, to be fun, free, and big, and all three of those were calling cards for Shelby. Showing up unassumedly as the next uninvited guest, bare feet and baggy jean legs shuffle through the sand with a light spray of it upon each step as the little leather encased girl makes her way toward the chaos and motion, like a rat to cheese.

Akimi casually heads out onto the beach, towards the music and bonfire, glancing over the area and people present as she does. A smile is worn in her approach, maintaining as she get nearer. "Good evening," she offers, stopping to offer Aodhan and George a bow in greeting. She gives the ever-growing crowd another visual sweep. Looks like it's going to be a party tonight.

George offers David a friendly wave when he gets noticed and then turns back to the conversation with Steele and Aodhan "The brewed sodas the same ones that are served at the Smoke? The rootbeer there is so good." Akimi's entrance gets spotted and George gives her a smile and a wave.

Simone comes into view, strolling along the beach. She's moving parallel to the shore, her gaze on the ocean and her bare feet getting wet whenever a wave washes in. Noticing all the activity, she pauses, looking surprised; apparently she hadn't heard there was a party here. But hey, a party's a party. With more purpose to her steps, she heads in that direction.

Basilisk notices someone close to the shore. The woman freezes, her head just above the waves as she stays still. She hopes she'll b e mistaken for a rock or something.

Aodhan nods "And the lamb is the same lamb that gets served at the Smoke, and Jimmy there on the grill is a cook at the smoke." he grins and chuckles "I had the boyos bring all my instruments so depends on what we're lookin to play, I've got drums, guitar, fiddle, banjo, my pipes, flute." he grins, the dwarf it seems is ready for more than just feeding and watering folks, he came to play.

"Hey David!" Jaq waves and promptly sticks her hand in the fire pit and gets the fire going with a happy whoosh! Getting up she trots over to David to show off her mother of dragons shirt and her bump. "Daviddaviddaviddaviddaviddavid! Look at mah belly!" She cheers.

Simone pauses briefly before she steps away from the water's edge, as if she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She peers in Basilisk's direction, squinting through the darkness... but it *is* dark, and Basilisk is still, and Simone seems to wave it off as nothing after a moment.

"Sounds good," Steele says to Aodhan. "We usually start out with just drums, but then it branches out from there as the night wears on. We're about to st---" Someone from the circle, a rather large black man who doesn't look like he belongs in the circle because he's perfectly clean cut, calls out. "Let's GO, man." Steele grins and heads back over to take his place in the circle. Soon as Steele's sitting and settled, and the fire whooshes up, Steele begins to tap out a nice, slow little beat. And then a couple of other people join in, and then there's a pause and then EVERYONE in the circle starts to drum at once.

Basilisk does move slightly when shes 'sure' shes not seen. Her eyes glow slightly red in the darkness of the sea. Weird.

Fortunately, there's a huge ass fire reflecting off the water, so glowing eyes aren't going to be noticed.

Shelby will pause at the outskirt of the crowd, frowning slightly. She's watching the faces and forms of the people closest to her. Those people, much like water, have bubbled in. Those closest in the herd have moved further in towards the circle, or around it, leaving a sort of concave effect in the shape of the herd of sheep. Er, people. Shelby stays where she is, digging her feet into the sand for that moment, and then starts walking the wide circle around the people, on her own in the dark, keeping a well-regulated 10 feet or so away from the hippies and dancers and smokers and bonfire, and making her slow paced way around toward the waterside of things.

Akimi offers George a smile back, and then goes back to looks about the area for anyone else she recognizes. Of course, the sudden call out from the drum circle quickly draws her attention. Turning towards the source of the beginning music, she tilts her head slightly, listening to the rising beat.

Aodhan grabs his hand drum, with a neck strap, and a folding stool. The dwarf heads to join the circle. He quite quickly picks up the beat, the drum has a warm sound, mixed with a chiming, it must have bells built into the head ring.

George grins and heads over to join the circle around the fire. He doesn't have a drum but he does have enough sense of rhythm to be able to dance if there's people doing that.

<UMBRA> Steele has a rather large crow sitting on his shoulder. As the drumming begins, it takes off and does long, loping circles above the crowd.

On one hand, Simone seems a bit cautious about approaching the party, especially as she gets closer. Once the drumming starts up, though, she smiles brightly, and pads closer.

Dex comes wandering along with his hands stuffed in his pockets while he walks along taking a slow breath in. He's tense and his eyes flick over the beach with a bit of interest he isn't alone though. There is an older man walking with him who seems to be homeless by the disheveled look about him, a few others as well and when they make it down they head straight toward the food. Looking to get something to eat but Dex himself isn't going for it, his foot tapping on the sand as he takes stock of those around the fire for the time being.

The beat is deep and primal and a little wild, but there are a couple of higher notes hit here and there that adds almost a raindrop effect. The fire is a good ten feet tall with licks that go up another ten or so. The dancing has begun and Steele and about half the others are really digging into the beat, making the sand vibrate below the feet and up into the limbs. It's bangin' out here, literally.

Basilisk hears the drums from her position in the water and frowns. Such an odd tradition. She watches a bit, tilting her head curiously. What are the land people up to now?

Keeping her hands over her bump, Jaq makes her way over to the burger cart to grab a bite. She's eating a lot more lately, she needs to. She looks at Steele drumming and smiles happily. That's her husband right there, mhmm.

Akimi begins to scan over the people nearby as the drum circle picks up, nodding her head slightly with the beat. She looks like she might be contemplating dancing, if she can find a partner. But then she begins looking about the area with a lot more diligence, like she's startled and searching for the source. She calms it down after a few seconds, though. Still, a thing happened.

George is not a skilled performer but then no one really cares that much and he manages not to trip over his own feet so there's that.

The drums start getting on a roll, really thundering through the area, and the wave that washes over the area hits Shelby like a brick. Eyes wide and gleaming, mouth bright and happy and full of teeth, her path veers suddenly inward and picks up greatly in speed. Seems she's very eager to make her way toward the center of the area now. She's kept most of her wits about her to not just outright shove people. But as the beat keens in on primal urges to ROCK OUT, she can't help but bounce and shake her way through the crowd, getting somewhat lost on her way towards the inside.

<WRAITH> Leila comes walking up the beach at a slow pace, probably in search of the source of the sound of the drums. There's something alert about the way that she moves, even though her carriage is relaxed.

Basilisk doesnt know whats going on at the circle, just that its something odd. She watches from the water, away from the fire.

Maggie has made her way out onto the beach, perhaps having spotted the party, or heard the hippy noise. She is on her way down regardless though, making her way towards the little gathering of people with a slightly curious look.

Guess who noticed something happened? Simone! Either that, or she's suddenly realized there are a lot of people here, some of whom have cameras and undoubtedly recognize her. She stays at the edge of the party and cranes her neck to look out over the crowd, her brow furrowing and her lips narrowing into a thin line.

Not a little gathering. Between hippies and homeless and gawkers, there's probably upwards of 60 people out here already.

Keeping a hold of her tummy, Jaq wander over towards Dex and smiles. "You brought people, good." She looks to the crowd and back to Dex. "You're welcome to eat as well." She says looking for her next target to welcome while Steele drums.

To one side of the drum circle there are many gingers, they have grills setup and smell of grilling lamb drifts up along with teh grassy smell of roast corn. They have coolers of brewed soda, they also have jars of moonshine but they're being party poopers and making people show id before they get a plastic cup of the stuff. They're freely sharing the lamb and the corn as well as the soda and booze. Aodhan for his part is drumming the shit out of the beat, adding in the chimes of his drums belled head to go along with the warm basso dums sharp teks, and snappy kas.

Dex's hands are stuffed in his pockets while he looks back toward Steele when he starts on the drums and his brow furrows while he stares watching the man for a long moment. His eyes flick through the crowd and his foot continues to bounce in rapid motion against the sand while he does it. He is wound like a spring and when Jaq makes her way toward him his eyes flash toward her, locking onto the woman a moment. There is that measured slow breath before he finds his voice, "Ya. Charlie and a few of the others wanted to come check it out. Thought it'd be good to get some fresh air. Dunno yet if I was right or not." He offers toward her with a nod of the head, "Thanks for the welcome though. Appreciate what you guys are doing."

<WRAITH> Leila can't get anywhere near the drum circle, with the crowd that's gathered on the beach. But that's not what she's here for. She stands on the outskirts and scans the beach; her gaze brushes right by the living. There's a lot of powerful emotional energy coelescing here, and that's a draw for the dead. She's waiting to see who -- or what -- shows.

Basilisk is in the water, watching the crowds. She sees someone scanning the beach and pauses, trying hard not to be seen. Maybe shes shy.

"Of course." Jaq smiles to Dex and offers him a nod. "The hot dog cart is my favorite." She suggests and looks to Maggie. "Enjoy yourself." She offers and walks over to the other new folk all smiles.

Simone's scan of the crowd moves on to the outer edges of the party, and it's at this point that she spots Maggie. She peers into the darkness, confirming that it's her, and then raises a hand to her. "Maggie!" she calls, waving.

The beat goes on. And on. And on. Most of the drummers seem to be practiced and fall in line with one another, but some of them are just out there beating the shit out of things. Steele upnods to some guy and he comes over to take his place, sitting down on the sand as Steele rises. He skims the area, nice and slow and then looks around further to spot Jaq. Dex gets a wave and he heads that way first. "Hey, man. Thanks for coming." Empathetic fucker, though, so he doesn't linger.

Maggie waves back towards Simone as she calls out to her, "Heya." She says to the woman, a smile and a nod offered to Jaq as well. "Thank you." She says, waiting for Simone to arrive. "What are they doing here?" she asks curiously. "Is this some wierd religion thing?"

<WRAITH> Steele glances at Leila briefly before he moves on

<WRAITH> Every now and again, Leila has to side-step someone who would otherwise walk through her, even though she's well back from the central knot of people. She seems to have an almost preturnatural awareness of when she has to get out of the way, and does it casually, often without even glancing in the direction of the person who would otherwise have walked through her.

"I don't... think so?" Simone says, after moving to meet Maggie halfway. "I think it's just a hippie thing, though I guess that makes it spiritual for some of them, so... I don't know? I wonder if they'd let me sing..." She trails off, apparently enchanted by that possibility, then returns to reality and leans in to murmur something to Maggie.

George takes a break from dancing and heads over to the refreshment area to get a rootbeer, Dex gets spotted and offered a friendly wave.

<WRAITH> George also notices Leila but doesn't make a big deal out of it

Akimi eventually manages to overcome her paranoia over a thing happening. It happens on occasion, after all. It looks like quite a few people have begun to dance... She casts one final look over the area, looking over the people. A small hint of disappointment crosses her expression, before she looks back into the circle and shrugs her shoulders. 'When in Rome' and all that. She heads into the dancer-filled circle and begins bouncing around herself. She's not the greatest dancer ever, but she's light on her feet, and it's certainly not the chicken dance.

(It's totally the chicken dance)

Shelby's getting more swept up in the beat as she lingers in the crowd. There's sparks nearly literally in the air from all the energy here. Her scrawny form moves as if she were one of a group of professionals in the center of an attraction, one of those lithe dancers with bells on their ankles and wrists and light flow-y clothes. Which is pretty much the opposite of what she's wearing. The only thing jingling on her is the change and stray bullets in her pockets, and the heavy zippers on her jacket. She finally succeeds in her mission for center-bound, coming up onto the inner circle of the crowd. Strangely enough her jackets gone. Somewhere, somehow, lost it in the crowd. Anyone scanning the crowd might have seen the truth of things, but Shelby's not reciprocating the attention in the least, body and focus swept up and floating, twirling, and dancing along.

"No, it isn't a religious thing. It's more to help with the community. Make sure folk are fed, have what they need and a little fun besides. I'm Jacqueline. My husband drums these up." She offers and extends her hand to Maggie and Simone. Thwo birds with one stone. "You're welcome to come have a bite, dance, have fun."

Dex looks toward Steele when he makes his way over and he looks him over for a long moment before chiming out toward him, "Ya, thanks for doing it. Good for those that come." He says with a nod of the head toward the various food carts that are set out there feeding those that come up to them. He looks toward the small group that came with him but as Steele moves off he lets the man drift away without following. His shoulders roll slowly trying to get the tension to ease from him though it doesn't work much. He gives an uptick nod of the head back toward George when he waves toward him, his own hands not leaving his pockets to wave though as they are stuffed in tight.

Maggie shakes her head at Simone, "Wasn't me." She says with a little shrug. "And hippies are like..." She pauses a moment, "The ones who are allergic to water and have the wierd hair right?" she asks. "I think that's right." She says with a little hrm. She accepts the hand from Jacqueline though. "It kinda seems like a ritual sorta thing is all. I guess that's okay then, if it's a charity thing?"

"Soap, not water," Simone corrects Maggie, with a wry smile. She smiles to Jacqueline, reaching out to shake the offered hand. "Simone, nice to meet you. And thanks, I think I will. Does anybody ever sing at these things?"

Saphris Daily comes in from North Beach - Beach

Saphris Daily has arrived.

"Not exactly a charity. We just like to drum. I'm Steele. I did this back home all the time. We bring out hotdogs and hamburgers and someone brought cotton candy and little dude over there decided to grill some lamb, which is awesome. It's just a good time is all." He LOOKS like a hippie, but he's clean anyway. Jaq must have dunked him in the ocean or something. "You want to sing? Hell yeah. Let them get the first song out of the way and then it'll loosen up a little bit and you can sing, sure."

"It happens, I think once or twice people have brought out guitars." Jaq offers and looks to the drums then around for her own hippy man-and beams up at him. "Hey cher. Good job tonight. Want to dance?" She asks looking up at Steele with a bright smile.

When she's told she'll be able to sing, Simone's eyes widen and her mouth curves into a little smile. The expression is one of delight, but it's tinged with something else, too. Hesitation, maybe, or sorrow. "Wonderful," she says to Steele, smile broadening and brightening. "I look forward to it. I'm Simone, by the way."

Maggie nods a bit at Steele as he offers a bit more of an explanation, "Ahh. That makes sense I guess." She says to the man, looking between him and Jaq. "I'm Maggie." She adds when Simone introduces herself, nodding to the woman, "You should sing."

Wandering in from the west, with a battered aluminum baseball bat on her shoulder, Saphris look with interest at all the people and noise.

<WRAITH> Eventually, a couple of wraiths WILL start to wander closer. Something like this is practically a feast for someone who has the right passions. Leila takes note of them, and they take note of her taking note of them. There's a moment that passes between both parties -- Leila raises her eyebrows, making it clear that she knows they're here, and they silently acknowledge with waves or downcast eyes that they know she knows they're here. And that seems to be all that Leila requires. She has yet to take note of those few Quick who can see her, but it's a big crowd, and she's not looking very hard at the living.

Dex looks over toward the little group of people talking about singing his brow arches a moment but he doesn't chime anything out. His attention flits from one group to the other, taking it all in slowly while he keeps himself still and as relaxed as he can be. There are a few of those that came with him now sitting near the drum circle where they can eat the various treats that they gathered up. A deep breath drawn in before it rushes from him before looking up toward that big, bright moon hanging in the sky tonight for a long moment.

Basilisk finds people focused on the big fire and not the sea. She dares to move closer to land, swimming slowly to make as little commotion as she can.

Saphris Daily laughs raucously

"Nice to meet you, Simone and Maggie." Steele wraps his arms around Jaq. "Cherry brought the cotton candy machine," he tells her with a smile. His hands slide down over her belly and he looks around the area slowly once more, taking stock of everything going on. He nods his approval, then looks back to the small group.

Akimi continues to dance in the center around the bonfire. She doesn't, however, seem very determined to get into the center of the crowd. Nope, for now, while dancing alone, she's fine with being towards the outer edge.

Journey moves toward the Drum circle from the surrounding beach area, moving amongst the people as he approaches the party proper, looking through the people here and grins as he moves, eyes scanning the crowd.

George is sipping at a rootbeer and drifting with the crowd, winding his way over to the conversation about singing. Simone's enthusiasm(?) for singing catches George's eye "You got the chops for some Nina Simone? There's at least one song of hers that everyone knows. Even if they don't know they know it."

Shelby sadly doesn't hear the singing, or else she'd probably dance to that too. She's a dancing fiend. For the last few minutes straight, the scrawny chick is totally content swinging and gyrating around all primal-like around the bonfire, but then stops. Completely, just standing there in the firelight, and her head turns downward. Then the silhouette that is Shelby starts a B-line toward the hot dogs and burgers.

"I will," Simone tells Maggie. She pauses. "Want to get something to eat in the meantime?" George's question causes her to look over at him and smile. "I wasn't planning on it, but I can do one or two of hers. You want 'Trouble in Mind' or 'I Put a Spell on You'?"

Looking up at Steele, Jaq pretends to swoon. "I love cotton candy." she tells him and nods to the girls. "Mind if I steal him? Next to 'Nice boots want to fuck?' Cotton candy machine is the sexiest thing I've heard in ages."

Maggie nods, "We can get some weiners." she says to Simone, "If you're hungry, they're supposed to be the best I guess out of all of it." she casts a glance towards George as he speaks up, glancing at Simone a little and shrugging, "I'm sure whatever you sing's just fine."

There is lamb and roast corn along with brewed sodas, ginger ale, birch beer, sasparilla, and for those of age, some moon shine. Just approach the horde of Irish happily sharing out the meat and veg and drinks.

Steele grins at the others, offering George a fistbump. "Let's get the you and the littles some cotton candy then. I want some of that innocent baby sheep, myself. Wanna talk to that guy anyway, see if he's willing to share more regularly. I can't afford to feed lamb to everyone every time, but if someone's willing to help out with something more nutritious than burgers and dogs, I'm all about it."

Simone laughs quietly at Jacqueline's comment. "Go ahead," she says. She looks to Maggie again. "Think I might try the lamb, myself."

Dex looks up from where he is staring toward Journey when the man makes his way out onto the beach. He gives the man a nod of the head in turn while he shifts on his feet before wandering over toward him a bit. He takes a deep breath in before letting it rush out from him as he offers to him, "Sup?" The question offered easily as he continues to watch the crowd as it mills about the beach, "Charlie apparently thought burgers were not acceptable tonight." He grumbles back toward the other man, his heel thumping against the sound as his leg taps seeming without his notice.

Saphris Dailystarts moving with the rhythm of the drums, a mischievious smile playing briefly across her lips. Her movements are both fluidly graceful and sensuous.

George grins broadly and nods at Simone as he gives Steele a fistbump "Either will do just fine. Or 'Feeling Good' if you'd rather." He gestures with his his bottle "And Aodhan brought some sodas, the rootbeer's amazing. Especially if you like rootbeer."

<WRAITH> Leila takes note of something or another that seems to merit closer attention. She threads her way in between people, graceful enough to be a dancer, herself, to get closer to whatever it is.

Journey nods to Dex as he comes over and grins, nodding, "Every now and then you have to mix it up a little, and go for the hot dogs, and whatever, right?" He smiles, looking over the crowd, nodding, "Eh, this happens a lot, but this is a good size one."

"I miss caffiene." Jaq sighs and rubs her bump with an excited little wiggle. "Oh yes. Meet you there." She tells Steele and dances her way over to the cotton candy machine.

Saphris Dailystumbles to a halt, looks to her left and says confusedly, "huh? I dunno, maybe 12, I guess? Oh, ok." It's not clear who she's talking to, but then she smiles radiantly

Finally scrambling out of the bumping, seizing, grinding crowd of drum-loving hippies, Shelby breaks out of the crowd with a sway of one arm and a tilt to one side. She seems to have gotten turned around somewhere on the way to the hot dogs, and comes out of the crowd off the mark somewhat, but regardless she starts directly for the food once again. "Yo sup homeboy gingeronis! Hit me with onions, mustard and pickles, all on a bun with some dog in it!" Out comes the request, loud and happy, as Shelby finally makes it to the hot dog guy. Mission accomplished.

Saphris Dailystarts syncing up with the rhythm of the drums again, undistracted this time.

Hot dog guy might shit his pants with Shelby coming at him that way

"'Feeling Good', then," Simone tells George with a bright smile. She looks over to Maggie. "I'm gonna go get some lamb," she tells the Japanese woman, and pads barefoot across the sand. Before heading to the group with the lamb, though, she stops by the hot dog guy to drop a ten into the donation bucket.

"Ya. Right. I'm not sure tonight was the night ofr it though." Dex says in a low rumbled voice his head shaking a couple times. Taking a deep breath in he lets it rush out from him, "You leave your other half to business again?" He asks him with a quirk of the brow before looking back over toward the people ebbing and flowing across the beach. He looks up and down it a couple times but he simply shakes his head.

"No no no wait," Shelby realises, then whines on after the hot dog guy as he suddenly and urgently finds somewhere else to be. "I'm not going to eat you!!" She cries after him, but it's futile. Sighing, she looks down at the hot dog cart, and repeats. "Mustard, onions, pickles." And then, Shelby delicately clears the ketchup and mustard bottles from directly in front of her, to lean her body over the front of the cart, still murmuring into the little condiment bins, "Mustard, onions, pickles. Mustard onions pickles. Mustard onions--....And relish. Relish. Fuck pickles."

Journey looks at Dex and nods, "Moons pretty bright, I can see it if it were darker." He looks down and lifts a foot, then looks up, "Yeah I can still see a moonshadow." He looks at Dex, "If it's not dark enough, where are people going to run off in pairs to?" He shrugs, "She's busy at the moment."

David steps up as hot dog guy goes to do other things. "Hey. I got it." He doesn't actually smack her hand, but he looks like he might if he needed to. David's cool.

Steele was going to talk to Aodhan, but when he has to go .. do.. something... he changes his direction to follow after Jaq. WHen the hot dog guy looks like someone peed in his wheaties and takes off, Steele's brow arches. Journey gets a wave as he passes by him, but then there is cotton candy to be had. Lamb can wait for a bit.

Shelby doesn't quite move just yet. In fact she freezes for a moment. Something registers, and she looks up at David. "Oh! Fuckin' cool!" Shelby beams at the man. "I got it almost done, here." She starts wriggling herself back to balance onto her feet again, all the while one hand holds out a bun stuffed with onions and relish over the counter.

Basilisk continues to watch from the ocean. she comes close enough to shore now that her shoulers are out of the water. Luckily the naked woman stays mostly submerged.

Simone goes to get her lamb, and nibbles on it as she watches the circle. Are people singing yet? No? Okay, then. Time to go find Maggie and wander back to her.

Jaq does her best come hither to Steele dancing about to get her cotton candy. Do you have babies? She does-but this is how you end up with the babies. She waves to Journey with a smile before teasing her hubby more.

<WRAITH> Leila walks close enough the water's edge that she has to dodge the occasional wave to keep her shoes from getting soaked, and peers into the ocean. She's not actually looking for or at Basilisk (although it might be possible to get her attention). She seems more concerned at something she sees in or maybe just under the surface of the water. Or maybe the water itself? It's hard to tell. She glances up at the eternal storm that howls offshore, guarded.

Akimi eventually wanders out of the crowd, intent on getting some food. It's all being offered freely, and dancing can take a good bit of energy. Once she gets her bearings on direction outside of the chaotic dance crowd, she heads over towards the hot dog man, tilting her head slightly as she watches the interaction going on there, waiting.

her head comes around at the smell of food. Her body continues to move sinuously and sensuously as Saphris searches for the source of the delicious smells. She grins, as if at a private joke, murmuring softly, "ooh, aren't you a naughty girl."

Maggie has gotten a hot dog, it seems, when she is found again by Simone, flashing a smile at her. "Is the Lamb ok?" she asks, moving to take a bite of the condiment slathered sausage, her gaze shifting a little towards the dancers and such.

Come hither? Oh yeah, Steele's gonna come hither. When Jaq beckons, he pauses and flicks back his dreads and he dances/glides/saunters his way in her direction. It's really kinda sexy.. if you're into white guys with dreads and a t-shirt and ripped up jeans. At least he doesn't smell like a hippie. RIght? Right. He sneaks up to Jaq and slips his arm around her, spins her in a circle and dips her back. Perfectly. It's all very rawr - if you're into that sort of thing.

"It's pretty good," Simone says. "How's the hot dog?" Her gaze follows Maggie's, lingering on the dancers. After a few moments, she looks back. "Wanna sit down?"

"Ya. It's fun." Dex says to Journey, his foot still tapping at the ground as if trying to beat it into submission with his heel. He draws a deep breath in letting it rush from him, "She usually is busy." He offers back toward Journey with a shake of the head. "I'll be fine for a little while longer though." His shoulders hunch a bit as if that will get the tension to subside and not only increase the number of knots he's going to have in them. His eyes turn from one to the next though as he watches it all from his position to the side, seeming to be there only to observe.

<WRAITH> Leila walks slowly along the shoreline, watching... something. Something about the moon's reflection on the surface of the water. She looks almost like a stalking cat -- her motions are smooth, but there's a definite sense of readiness under the surface. She continues up the coast, clearly waiting for whatever it is to decide to come ashore.

Nezhana drifts by in the periphery of darkness a fair distance from the bonfire. Her pale eyes study from far away. She is not a sociable person.

And the main part of the drumming has settled down, breaking off into little groups. There's still some drumming going on, but it's quieter now. People did bring guitars and things, so there's little groups starting to form here and there.

Having, assumedly, gotten her well-and-hard-earned hot dog, Shelby fishes into a jean pocket and puts something heavy and metal, but no larger than her palm, into the tip jar. It clanks down against the change at the bottom, and she busies herself with a large, unceremonious bite into the hot dog.

The fire keeps being fed, though, so there's that

"It's okay yeah." Maggie says with a shrug, "Might as well find somewhere to sit too I guess. Let's find a spot." she moves off to find a spot at the circle to sit down at, gesturing Simone to follow along over with her.

Basilisk keeps watching from the ocean. Her head and shoulders are above the waves and thats it. She tries to stay out of the direct moonlight to avoid being seen.

she starts sliding and twirling towards the hotdog stand. Saphris glides through the crowd, moving towards the hotdog cart.

Laughing as Steele catches her and she's spun and dipped Jaq smiles. "Oooh cher. You drive me wild." She murmurs and draws her hippy man into a kiss. "You say hi to Uncle Journey?" She asks nibbling at his lip ring.

Simone follows after Maggie, and settles down. "Looks like it's gotten quiet enough for me to sing..." She clears her throat, closes her eyes, and starts on an a cappella version of Nine Simone's "Feeling Good." "Birds flying high you know how I..." Her voice is nice enough, but she trails off there, looking blank. "Fuck. I can't remember the rest of the words."

It's like Simone's last concert all over again! Maybe she'll vomit, too.

Journey watches the performances as the people start singing, then stop singing, and shrugs as he looks around, still just looking around and taking in the scene, and as he sees Jaq and Steele eating each others faces he smiles and waves.

Dex looks back toward those that are dancing and his eyes turn toward Simone for a moment and his brow quirks when her voice falters and just looks toward Journey in turn. Seeing him wave he glances in it's direction toward the pair for a moment before looking back around the rest of the crowd. His hand comes up to rub his face, his fingers pressing against his eyes letting his vision swim black for a moment before blinking it clear.

Akimi watches as the strange woman that scared off the first hotdog man wanders off, before approaching the stand to get her own. The five-foot even Japanese woman is not nearly so intimidating, so she's probably not going to have anywhere near the same difficulty in getting a hotdog. Interestingly enough, she gets one with -everything- on it. That's how Americans usually do it, right? Cultural blending at work.

So many happy people. Young lovers with hope dancing in their eyes. Free music, drugs, free love and endless optimism. Nezhana is in the most appropriate spot for her, the edge of the darkness. This is a world she may look in on but not be part of. Her cold eyes turn back toward front and she continues along the edge where the ocean meets the sand. She pulls her hood up concealing her pale face and leaving only crimson locks spilling out of either side.

as the drumming dies down, Saphris starts skipping towards the hotdog cart. She bounces up to the cart and smiles sunnily at David. "What'd the buddhist say to the hotdog vendor? Make me one with everything!" She laughs throatily, while twining one of her bangs around her finger.

There's a sudden choking sound, and Shelby raises her other hand, the one without the hot dog-- because priorities-- to thump her chest hard a few times. Finally there's a cough, and then that cough turns into a loud, hyena-esque laugh. The hand that had just previously saved her life, is subsequently keeping her from toppling over by bracing against one knee, her form bending at the waist and shaking with the laughter.

Looking up from her smooches with Steele, Jaq waves at Journey and breaks away to collect her poi balls from near the fire. "Journey! Check it out! Fire poi!" She calls and trots over looking at him and showing her new toys.

Journey looks to Jaq and grins, waving as he moves to look at the things she has, "Fire Poi?" He nods, grinning, "What do you do with them? you have my attention." He nods and looks at her things, interested, and smiling.

Maggie continues munching down her hotdog as Simone does her singing.. or not singing thing. She gives a curious look over at the other woman and shrugs a little.

Let's try this again, shall we? Simone moves on from the Nina Simone, and tries something she's more familiar with: her own work. This time, it's an a cappella version of "On the Water," a song about the beginning and end of a relationship. It still gets played on the radio sometimes. Unfortunately, it also sounds a lot better on the radio than it does now. It's not bad or anything, but it's not really all that good, either. People listen in, but nobody sits enraptured.

Nezhana vanishes into the darkness as her steps carry her away from the bonfire and the revelers.

"So, uh yeah, I forgot my money in my other pants. I'll pay ya next time I see ya, if ya let me get a hotdog now" wheedles Saphris, as she arches her back while leaning on the cart and pushing her breasts together with her arms. Her smile is equal part mischevious and sultry.

Looking around to make sure she has a little room Jacqueline rubs her fingers together and lights her poi backing away a little and getting them swinging side to side at first getting warmed up. "You swing them around your body on fire."

The poi get tangled and Jacqueline laughs.

Akimi blink several times, looking a bit confused, but just shrugs. She holds up the hotdog, which probably doesn't look over appealing with the mix of all the things on it. Regardless, she takes a bite, and doesn't seem to mind at all. She tastes far worse things on a daily basis.

Journey moves back as Jaq sets the poi on fire and nods, "Hawaiian fire dancing?" He thinks, "Is it-" He stops and watches to see how Jaq does this, interested. playing with fire is something he does

Basilisk hisses in surprise at the poi. spinning fire. Shes so surprised she moves enough to splash a bit!

Simone finishes her song, trailing off at the end. A couple of the bystanders seem to have recognized her, and are now debating whether or not she's the real Simone Blake. One even seems on the verge of going up to talk to her. But Simone herself looks genuinely distressed by her performance, and murmurs an "excuse me" to Maggie. She stands and begins to head back off down the shoreline, steps brisk.

"Yeah, still learning." Jaq nods and offers Journey her flaming balls. "Want to try them?" She asks curiously.

Dex looks back toward Simone and his brow quirks a moment before his attention simply swings back toward Jaq and Journey. Silently watching the pair of them a moment before Jaq makes her offer toward the other. He looks toward where the drinks are and his nose wrinkles as he thinks about getting something but he doesn't move that way just yet. Instead he just rolls his shoulders, a few pops coming from them as he settles in.

Journey looks at the balls of suspended fire, and thinks about it for a moment, then looks to Simone, and back to Jaq, "I don't know, I haven't really studied it at all and this looks like the kind of thing you need to practice with. I mean what do you do to put them out? Fling them in the ocean or something?"

Maggie finishes off her hot dog, and she moves to stand up, looking over at Simone a little as she excuses herself, moving to follow after her down the beach.

Akimi wanders over towards Jaq and Journey, curiously watching while continuing to eat her over-topped hotdog. Fire dancing? Sounds interesting. She keeps her distance though. Probably because she doesn't want to be set on fire if Journey tries it and fails badly. Or something like that.

"Kick sand on them." Jaq suggests to Journey and smiles. "I have other tricks too but they aren't drum circle play time." She adds holding the balls and looking at them. "I look dumb trying them too."

finishing off her hotdog, Saphris licks her lips and starts wandering off, baseball bat over her shoulder once more.

Basilisk comes closer to shore, maybe trying to hear the conversations. She never gets brave enough to leave the water though.

Journey nods, looking at the balls, thinking for a moment and taking off his duster, "Okay, let's see what we have here. He considers, "How do these things, work, coach me through this."

Dex moves over to grab himself a drink, he doesn't check what it is so long as it has booze in it and then moves to flop down. Sitting in the sand as he watches the others. He looks into his cup with a frown for a moment beofre his attention turns back up to watch Jaq and Journey as he goes about learning how to use the balls.

"Hold the ends here." Jaq says dropping the balls and showing the end of the rope. "Then you sort of swing them like one at a time to get them going and move them around."

Journey takes the balls, and swings them, working up an arc and spins them in circles, making flaming rings in the air and as they start to swing faster they start tilting and he winces, swinging them, ducking and FWING!

The balls fly up and arc into the night over the water, heading out to sea, and Journey looks over his shoulder, tracing the missiles leaving tracers in the night air, and he looks back to Jaq, "Like that?"

Dex takes a deep breath in before letting it flow out from him, "This. This is why we can't have nice things." He tells Journey before pulling himself up to his feet and heading over toward the water he starts digging around in his gym bag and actually comes up with a pair of goggles from there. He sets his bag down out of the shoreline and he looks back over toward Journey, "You got a waterproof flash light?" He asks him, "I think we should probably get them back for her."

Basilisk hears the things splash in the water nearby. She hisses again and then starts to dive for the odd sticks. Making sure they're not on fire anymore, she retrieves them and then throws them back to the land. She mutters in broken english. "This belong to you, land people?" she hopes the people are far enough away they dont hear her.

Steele had to pee. He had to run down the beach to do so. He comes back now to... things?..

"No, no, I got them." Jaq shakes her head and looks out to the water. She trots down to the shore all smiles and looks to Dex. "I got a light." She assures him and gestures back to the party.

Journey heads to the waters edge with Jaq, and pauses, one hand going to Jaqs shoulder as.. the Poi balls are.. fetched, and he moves forward to collect them to hand them back to Jaq. "Yeeeah here you are Jaq." He looks at the watery tart waiting to see if she throws a sword to establish a new government.

Basilisk doesnt throw anything else. The naked woman in the water stares back, her odd eyes blinking at Joyrney. She doesnt approach, watching with an almost animal like wariness.

Akimi follows the flaming orbs as they sail through the sky, and into the nearby ocean. She smirks, choking a bit on the last of her hotdog at the sight. She manages to cover her mouth and contain herself to not break out into a terrible laughing fit at the glorious display, however. Her eyes linger on the ocean for a few moments, blinking as she watches them return towards the land, tossed back by an odd figure in the ocean. Slowly she walks towards the water, tilting her head as she catches the quiet question. "Yes, they are. Thank you," she calls back, in a much more easily understood volume.

Dex stares as Basilisk pops up to throw the Poi balls back onto the beach and he blinks a moment. It's one of those times where he is certain that in a past life he must have -really- pissed off a greater power then himself. Slowly he looks back toward Akimi and he points, "I found your thing for you. Want to ask it questions now or you good?" He asks her flatly as if he can't believe this is actually happening. Then he just looks back to Journey and tells him, "Every. Fucking. Time." Whatever that was suppose to mean.

"Oh, whoa, naked girl. Need some clothes bro?" Jaq asks looking at the wet poi. She could totally light them again. "Thanks for the catch, I meant to go get them myself."

Journey blinks, looking back at the woman in the water, and turns to looks at Akimi, then Jaq and jerks a thumb at the water, "I'm not sure, but yeah this.. Yeah." He looks at Akimi again and nods, "Mmm kay." He looks back to the woman in the water, "So that's um.. yeah." He appears to be thoughtful at the moment as if trying to puzzle something out.

"Jaq? Jaq!" Steele sees the group near the water and he heads that way, picking up his pace a little bit. Especially after Dex's rather bland exclamation and Akimi's laughter and.. not to mention the umbral raven that's running around here on his behalf. He reaches out to lightly take hold of Jaq, by a belt loop, holding her in place lightly.

Basilisk keeps below the waves, moving her hair over her small chest a bit. "Not in the water." she says. She gives a peace sign at the thanks. "It is no probem. I do not like too much junk in the mother."

"It's only junk if I left it, I was coming out to get them." Jaq says and looks back at Steele. "Journey tossed my poi, naked bro got them back." she points out and looks at Journey.

Akimi looks between Dex and Journey and blinks a few times. Yep, she might have half a chance she never expected to ask about the one thing, but it hardly looks like the kind of situation where she'll actually be able to have a conversation. Her eyes drift back to Basilisk, and she blinks a few times at the reply, tilting her head. A smile forms upon her lips, and she calls back, "Thank you for the help... Would you like to come out of the water? There are plenty of hot dogs... Have you tried them before?"

Okay. THAT was fucking weird. I mean, Steele hangs around some pretty weird people, but .. in the mother? That sounds like shark talk. Steele knows about sharks in people skin, even if it's only second hand. "What? Whoa. Jaq." Tug. Yup. Pulling on the leash. Let the other people who do weird things deal with the shark. They're backing up. "Cotton candy," he tries with a whisper in her ear. "/Babies/ are hungry." Real subtle Steele. REAL subtle manipulation bro.

Basilisk shakes her head. "No. I eat only fish. Plus. Im naked." she says. "Land people get upset when they see me naked."

"Nooooooope!" Dex chimes out right after Akimi speaks, "NOPE! You want to know how much nope that is Akimi? It's in fact ALL of that nope." He points out toward her with a snort as his head shakes before he points down the beach, "You go DOWN the beach away from all these lovely relatives of those of us on the beach. The ones we are looking after because it's our duty. I want you to look right up into the sky at this moment as well, think about what you see there. Take it down the beach if you want to talk to it." He says while he grabs that gym bag up off the ground again, unzips it, but he just leaves his hand in the bag while he stands there, waiting for choices.

Yup. That's totally a shark. Steele's sure of it.

"Whoa." Jaq backs up being towed. When they're a little ways she wonders "What's with that Dex guy? He gets angry alot." She murmurs and looks up at Steele.

Journey looks at Jaq and shrugs, "They got away from me." He looks at Dex, then Akimi and tilts his head in her direction to see what conversational tact she's going to entertain next. His head tilts slightly. He pulls on his duster slowly, waiting for the moment.

Basilisk is a shark allright. Totally a shark. Yep. She continues to stay where she is, acting rather humanlike and rather calm for one. "You want some fish? I could catch some."

Steele murmurs something to Jaq and tows her backwards a little bit, away from.... well... TOWARD the crowds of hippies. He does glance up at the sky briefly, then to Dex, then to Journey, then out to the MOTHERFUCKING SHARK in the water that's totally borrowing a human skin so that it can lure innocent pregnant women into the water and like.. eat them or something. That'd REALLY piss Steele off. So he's just going to surround himself and Jaq with ALL THE HIPPIES! Maybe the wall o dreads will keep away the shark.

Akimi looks at Dex and blinks a few times. That was actually the opposite reaction she suspected. Then again, as she thinks about it, it makes more sense. Yep, she totally guesses she knows what to expect. She sighs softly, before looking out at Basilisk and smiling widely. "Oh? You do not have to do that. And I will not get upset that you are naked... would you like to go down to another part of the beack, without other 'land people'?"

Basilisk nods "Yes please. I have no fish for you but I can get some soon. There is too many land people. Too many fires. Too many loud bangs."

Dex nods at the words from Akimi when she changes her tactic. He looks back up the beach a moment before his attention shifts toward the water and he draws a deep breath before letting it roll out from him, "Thank you, Akimi." His forearm seems to tighten a bit as if he's grasping something in the bag and his attention remains locked there. He isn't going to move from the spot between the potential threat and the kinfolk further up the beach though. He just waits to see if Basilisk will follow Akimi down the beach away from the fire or not.

Looking up at Steele, Jaq looks to the water and snorts. She is a good wifey and stays in the crowd but she looks drastically less concerned. Leaning in she whispers to Steele in reply.

Journey looks between the woman in the water, and Akimi and Dex, waiting to see what's happening here. For the moment he's not speaking, just mak his quiet observations.

Akimi's smile grows slightly at Basilisk's reply. "Thank you. You really do not have to catch a fish for me, but I appreciate the offer greatly." She offers a bow in gesture of her thanks. "I already ate a hot dog. I will meet you further down the beach, whenever you are ready." If there's nothing else said back, or nothing done to intervene, she begins heading further down the beach, out of range of most other people, and of bonfires.

Basilisk nods "I am ready when you are." she follows Akimi but oesnt seem to be threatening at all. She seems more scared of the 'kinfolk' and the land people then ready to attack.

Steele nods to Jaq, but he keeps his arm around her nice and secure. Yup. Not going anywhere. He murmurs something to her and escorts her in the general direction of the cotton candy.

Dex nods his head at the words from Akimi and he watches her head off down the beach and his attention seems to track along with Basilisk as well. He stays where he is, just watching making sure that they are drifting along and he takes a deep breath in before letting it rush out from him as he stands the silent sentinel for the time being.

"My gentleman." Jaq smiles and nods allowing herself to be pulled away from the scene to get cotton candy nice and far away. Her hand to her belly. "I guess I'm fiesty-hungry."

Journey looks at Akimi watching her and her new friend heading off as he looks at Dex and turns back to glance at the people before returning to look at the party moving down the beach.

"I know. It's cool, baby. Really. Just.. seawater.. isn't... good for the babies." Yeah! That's it! That's TOTALLY right. That is ABSOLUTELY right. He read that somewhere. Maybe theonion.com, but still. It works. "Here you go." David's manning the cotton candy machine now and eating more than he's giving away.

Dex shakes his head a couple times when the pair of them head off and he starts to walk away from the shoreline his hand still stuck in the gym bag. He takes a deep breath before it rushes out from him trying to remain calm while he looks toward those that came with him. He just gives them a nod, telling them to keep eating while he walks back toward where Journey and the others are.

Journey turns, rubbing the back of his neck and shaking his head for a moment as he walks back to the main gathering of the Drum circle, fingers massaging the back of his head for a moment as if seeking to work out the tension there.

"David! David! Candy sugar please, eeeer, cotton candy." Jaq rubs her belly and turns to nibble along Steele's jaw.

David hands off the cotton candy to Jaq and starts to make one for Steele. Steele, meanwhile, glances back over and now that all the chaos is taken care of, he can think about allowing Jaq out of the wall o hippies

Man, it's been a while since Rodrigo has gotten out and about for much more than going to and from his day job. It's an /awesome/ day job, always has been, but still. "Fuck's with the fish?" he murmurs as Basilisk passes by, glancing up to the platinum blonde riding atop his shoulders, before turning and beelining toward Jacqueline. "Oh shit, over there! OUTTA THE FUCKIN' WAY, everybody, she's got a condition!" Yeah, the condition of needing more sugar intake, apparently.

Cynthia wheees riding on Rodrigo's shoulders "Fishtits!" as she watches Basilisk scurry away. "It's people drums!" she waves at the people her loving mount is aproaching "Hi hi!"

Journey looks up as he approaches and sees Cynthia riding her mount into the midst of the drum circle, and looks to Dex, smiling the smile of the game little trooper, before looking back and waving at Cynthia as she is conveyed by her stately steed.

Dex takes a deep breath in before letting it rush out from him as he relaxes there, his head giving a bit of a shake before his attention looks back toward the others for a moment then back to Journey, "Ya." Is about all he offers to him on that account. He finally pulls his hand out of the gym bag, zips it back up, and rubs his face before noting the people that are coming, charging there way screaming. The man doesn't seem amused by it.

With the yelling, Steele's attention is drawn toward Cynthia's carriage - that would be Rodrigo. His brow knits just a touch and he takes the gopro from Jaq briefly, flips a button and hands it over. "Should get some film on this now that all the excitement's done."

Pulling out her camera, Jaq looks around ready to record. Her free hand holds the cotton candy she munches. Standing next to her slightly taller man she rocks a 'Mother of Dragons' shirt over her bitty bump of a belly. "Ok cher, ready to get some footage for drum circles."

Journey smiles a little as he oves, looking over to check on Steele and Jaq as they pull out cameras and he makes a ninety degree turn, walking along a different angle of approach, to let the expecting couple film the drum circle without his dumb face getting in the way.

Before they /actually/ crash into anyone - that was so two years ago - Rodrigo leans forward so that Cynthia can get a foothold on the sand. "Woo, lemme get some of that too," he says, gesturing in what he thinks is the general direction of where he spotted the cotton candy a moment earlier.

Cynthia slides off Rodrigo landing in the sand with arms in the air like a proper gymnast after a proper dismount. "Hey hey Journey! Long time no see." then pauses to make sure she is in fact visible and tangible. Yep. Arms, legs, head, torso. All check out! Whew. She nods and looks around with a grin "Man o' man it's been so long since I've been out and about." she rubs her hands together gleefully "So what have I missed?"

Steele just.. waits for a moment, though he does lead Jaq in the general direction of Journey.

Looking through her camera, Jaq smiles and gasps at things, also Rodrigo but things. "Oooh cher." She murmurs and offers her hubby a bite of cotton candy as they walk over.

Dex takes a deep breath at the sight of the pair running about the area he's a little bit on edge still but he does keep himself out of the way of the filming. In fact he thinks it best to keep himself out of the way of just about everything so that's exactly what he does. Staying off to the side as he watches the rest of them.

Journey looks to Cynthia, "OH, tons!" He says, "I got married, she's off havng girls night out with some friends right now, I moved, got myself a much nicer place with the missus, got myself a bunch of work done." He nods to Dex, "This is Dex, he's got a great place on the north side for burgers." He looks to Cynthia, "Just all kinds of funky stuff's been going on. Where have you been keeping yourself? What's going on?" He asks Cindy, smiling at her with interest. Looking to Steels and Jaq approaching he smiles to them and waves again.

And then Steele drags Jaq to the van. Just kidding, lol. (she made me do it)

Steele does take a turn over toward the van. "Hey, baby, help me with something real quick?" He's totally going to drag her off to the tiedyed van. Yup. That's what he's doing.

There is a car that pulls up to the beach house. Out pops a woman with a whole lot of blonde hair. She eyeballs the house, turns toward the beach, kicks off her shoes and heads out toward the beach. Where is he? She'll find him. As Vesta wanders down from the house, she finally zeroes in on Journey. Rodrigo gets a look over, briefly, then she's wrapping her arm around Journey's arm. "I'm home." She's high. Subdued, but goddamn, look at those pupils

Cynthia blinks and grins at Journey "Well well! Congrats!" she looks over to Dex and nods "Yep, I've heard about the new burger joint, it's right around some of my spots of interest." she pauses thinking about his question "Where.. Hmm.. Here or there. Layed up with the babies. Doing the whole recovery not sleeping diapers thing. This is my first time out in awhile. Had to call forth a babysitter before I started climbing the walls." she takes a deep breath.

Dex gives a little wave of the hand back toward Cynthia when he gets introduced by Journey. He offers a simple, "Yo." Toward her thuogh he's a bit more on edge tonight then the other man beside him. He takes a deep breath in letting it rush out, "Nice to meet you. Ever need a bite to eat feel free to swing on by." He offers with a nod of the head as he does his best to relax there.

Journey slips an arm around Vestas waist and pulls her close, leaning in to make snarfling noises into her neck and pull back to look at her, "Hey there baby." He says with a wide grin, "How're you doing?" He asks her warmly as he chuckles, seeing how high she is and grinning warmly to her. "Drum Circles peaked and seems to be settling down now." He looks back to Cynthia and nods, "Yeah there's tons that's happened, and stuff's changed here and there."

"There's taco bell in the car. And Burger King. And Wendy's. And Chang's. And some KFC." Cynthia. Babies. "Babysitter? Cool." She looks over Rodrigo again, then over to Cynthia once more. "How many babies?" She leans on Journey and nuzzles her face against his arm lightly. "I'm... great. I did Winter's nails and we greased up her dreads a little bit, smoothed them out."

Rodrigo wolf-whistles and nods as the burger joint is mentioned. "Up-- Wait, that ain'tthe place with the Double Gutbuster with pelepeno, is it?" Noooooope.

George had to step a way for a bit because of...reasons and is summoned back by the disturbance in the force that is Cynthia's arrival. The food area gets a visit as George looks around to see who's left.

Cynthia bounces happily waving at George as he returns before giggling madly "Two. Little Rod Jr and princess Sassafras. They are adorable. All pink and squirmy." she grins happily as she leans against Rodrigo "Though they are currently in the poop factory stage. Parenting is hard."

Journey smiles to Vesta, and chuckles, "Sounds good, baby." He grins at her and looks to George, then back over to Cynthia and Rodrigo. He grins widely, "Oh you'll get used to it, they have a lot of pooping to do and there's always going to be cleaning up to do after them."

"Yeah, we got one o' them plastic tarps down on the floor," Rodrigo offers. Hopefully it's just a last-ditch backup. Hopefully.

"I just wanted to come down and say hi. I'm tired. Also extremely high. So .. I'm going to eat everything in the fridge and go to bed." Vesta smiles up at Journey and leans up to kiss his cheek, then nods to Cynthia. "Twins. That's crazy. I'll take one at a time." Back up to Journey, she says. "I love you. I'll see you in the house. Have fun." She grins at Dex and George. "Night guys." And then she wanders back out, though she stops and steals a hot dog and two cotton candies from David.

George waves to Vesta as she heads off and George wanders over to Journey as he noms his hotdog "Twins? Congrats and good luck." he offers to Cynthia and Rod.

Dex tilts his head to the side while he thinks about it a while longer still as he tries to process just what is going on around him. His head shakes a couple times before refocusing his attention back upon the others. He lifts a hand, waving toward Vesta as she takes off, "Take care of yourself." He says, eying her as if he's not sure if she's up to that challenge.

Vesta might eat herself to death before she gets to the house, but she's in no danger otherwise

Journey grins to Vesta, taking a kiss from her and sending her off to eat herself into a stupor before going to join her at home.

Cynthia nods nods to Journey and George "We weren't sure, it was sort of confusin in there. But Eloise is an amazing doc so everything got straightened out." Chaos factory. Cynthia bounces a bit and nods to Dex "I sometimes live a block over.. But I think my place is getting closed out. Or at least my shop is. Someone is in the process of buying the old apartments and stuff." she hrms and looks slightly conflicted at this fact. "I mean me and Rod have our own place, when I'm not elsewhere, but still sad to see my first workshop have to go."

Journey nods to Cynthia, "I understand, though, really, do you use it anymore?" He shrugs, "Don't get me wrong I understand the sentimentality, but sometimes you just got to let things get passed on when it's that time." He thinks for a moment, as if that came out more personal than he meant it, then shrugs, "Okay, I need a hot dog now." He lifts a finger and heads over to get one with mustard.

George nods and shrugs in agreement with Journey before asking Cynthia "Are there steps that need to be taken or is it just moving on like things do?"

Rodrigo, meanwhile, has gone over to snag some munchies and bring them back over closer to the center of the action. Such as it is. "Mostly just moving on. Got some good memories of that place." Uh huh.

Dex slowly nods his head at the words from Cynthia, "Uh huh." He thought he was difficult to understand at times. He's good here. "Well, glad things are good with the kids." He offers back to her while he studies her for a long moment. Shifting the bag on his shoulder he looks between the others there to see if they are getting any more of it then he is.

Cynthia grins snuggling against Rodrigo when he's back with munchies while nibbling a bit herself before commenting to George "Shelby's doing cleanup for me. She's making sure nothing inappropriate is still around from the various groups that have lived there. Who knows what Kaydin left in the place." she eye rolls at mentioning THAT name. "So I still HAVE everything and it was a very basic work space compaired to my current one. But yeah good times there. But it's probably best cleaning crews don't like pop open one of my jars and level the building."

Journey nods, "Oh, Shelby? Yea tall, high strung, large follicle challenged minder walking her around?" He nods, "Just got introduced to her earlier, she was introducing Fidellia to guns I think. I didn't stick around for the floorshow." He nods thoughtfully.

George makes a distasteful face at the mention of Kaydin "Odds are fuckwit didn't have anything that dangerous but who knows, even a broken clock is right twice a day. If you're not worried though, I'm not worried and we'll move along."

Cynthia nods to George "Shelby is my most favored minion and right hand gal. She knows how to clean a place and make it all clear." before grinning at Journey "That's her! Oooh Fidelia and guns. Yeah Shelby taught me how to make friends back in the day."

Dex just listens for now because speaking up would only make himself more confused. Soaking in what bits of information he can while his eyes flit amongst the crowd with a bit of interest while he shifts his weight on his feet.

Journey nods to Cynthia, "Sounds good. Have to talk to her more sometime." He smiles a little, thinking, "Let's see lots of stuff going around, Cross. You know Cross? Cross has apparently resurfaced after a long period of.. I don't know not being seen around." He shrugs.

George snerks and then frowns when Cross gets mentioned. This also has George wandering over to see where Aodhan's kinfolk stashed the mason jars.

Cynthia nods "I know Cross. I defeated him once in a cut throat battle of temporal tiddlywinks and jumping jacks to the death, best 2 outa 3." she shakes her head with a grin "Is he just back or is something more exciting happening?"

Dex shakes his head a moment as he listens to Cynthia he really has no idea where her mind is at so he just lets himself ponder what it is that she's really getting at. If there is even anything for her to lock onto.

Journey tilts his head at Cynthia, "Huh. Well, I'm not sure but apparently he's just trying to settle back into things as they were, but.." He tilts his head, "Much like you're facing now, things have changed, and adapting to how things are now is largely a survival skill. We'll see if he has it." He shrugs slightly, "Time will tell, it always does."

Cynthia snickers "Aww that's cute. The problem is once you reach a certain point of power.. You can sorta dictate how things are. So if you don't like how things change, you can always just put them back to what you like. Sinful. Embrace change. Besides, he got invited up in ya'lls business back in the day thanks to Churpa-derp."

George does a shot of whatever fianna special and then Cynthia starts a stroll down memory lane and George almost growls but he remembers his words and adds "Part that changed that he can't change back is he ain't the only big fish round here no more."

Dex just slowly tilts his head to the side while he listens to Cynthia before giving it a little shake. His attention shifts back toward Journey though to see what he is going to say next. To see if he can make any sense out of what the woman is saying.

Journey looks over to George, and shrugs, looking back to Cynthia, "Embrace change, you said it yourself." He lifts a shoulder, "It's not like he's all alone on some mountaintop. There's condos up there now, a community. A homeowners group. Hell I hear they're getting a lovely little shopping center put in in that neighborhood."

Cynthia shrugs slightly at George "I don't think anyone wants to be in the pond when the big fishies start flopping about. The splashes can be large and effect all sorts of people. Unintended consequences and such. Specially for people who are waaaay less secretive than others. More to lose and all that. It's one of those things that if you go fishing, don't wear your nice clothing. It'll get dirty." before she grins at Journey "I love change. But it's not me that you have to worry about.. Well it is. But people love my surprises so it should be all fine."

George shrugs and takes another sip of his drink "We'll see how it all turns out."

Dex just stares for a little while longer before his hands come up to rub his face and he looks back over toward where the booze is. Maybe he'll get some of that.

Journey nods to George in agreement "That's true. We'll see what happens one way or another." He fails to look that concerned. Seems like the Drum Circle is winding down slowly and a the group of them are talking for the moment as people drift off.

Akimi walks down the beach, back towards the declining drum circle. The small woman glances over the group, before heading towards them. Given how long she was gone, it's pretty clear a talk was actually had. And given the fact she's returning in one piece, it presumably went well, one way or another.

Cynthia laughs with delight. "Well lemme know if you need me to talk to him for ya. Being me and all. Going anywhere, doing anything. Boundless with potentialness." she does a little pirouette digging herself deeper into the sand with a grin.

Journey looks to Cynthia, "No thank you." He says simply, "Not that you couldn't on your own, but really, you're the only one who'se aware of it." He shrugs, "So there's that. But right now, I think it's time to turn in." He smiles, "Have a good evening."