2017.11.30: What Happens in Mexico City?

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What Happens in Mexico City?
The Red Circle, Cast of Nasties, The 77th, and others from within Prospect and around the world are invited to the Consistory held just outside Mexico City in a large resort.
IC Date November 30th, 2017
IC Time Night
Players Artemis, Byron, Carys, Doug, Lawrence, Octavia, Patrick, Tempest, Terrence,
VegardST, Vera
Location Located high on a mountain in middle of nowhere, Sechenia Mexico. Close to Mexico City.
Spheres Vampire Sabbat

Carys arrives with others from her pack. They wait to see who else they know that arrives.

Lawrence as guests arrive, Lawrence is putting away his claws and putting back on his shoes. He has a new appreciation for rock climbing when you can get a better grip, and the fall might not kill you, and there are plenty to climb here. The big burly guy is in a quiet mood, but he normally is.

Octavia pulls up on a chopper, with Artemis gripping her back. She rolls up towards the hacienda, does a donut, and then parks. No helmet to take off, so she just puts the kickstand down and gets off the bike.

Tempest is there with her pack, standing just behind Carys and keeping an eye on things. And an ear. She's definitely not partying.

Byron is riding on a little riceburner behind Octavia and Artemis. He's a unproven, he doesn't deserve a good ride yet. He follows the two like some gloomy, quiet shadow, keeping his face low and h is voice silent.

Patrick finds his way over to the others, giving Carys a slightly curious expression. "I didn't see you earlier." He glances around for any members of his pack.

Carys nods a bit to Patrick. "Yeah, we had a package to deliver. No big. We are ready for tonight though. I see more guests are arriving." She looks over and stifles a laugh.

There is a flurry of activity as hundreds of mortals are also arriving. Mostly young and mostly partying, the mortals are all babbling about the fact that Jayne Jonestown is finally going to perform again after so many years. To them, this is huge and they all believe they are attending the exclusive opening show. The whole place seems wildly understaffed and mortals are on edge, almost to the point of destroying the lovely rock gardens and outdoor furniture as they trample.

Lawrence is glad he put the claws away as he surveys the crowd, but does interpose himself to stop the gardens from being trampled. Those took someone some work and care, and some brat messing them up? Not acceptable... but waits for the go ahead with anticipation.

Artemis jumps off the back of the bike and shakes out her hair, pulling it into a ponytail and in the process accidentally knocks off her sunglasses into the dirt. She grabs them and wipes them off, hoping nobody noticed, and then stretches a bit to relieve the tension from riding on a chopper for miles.

Octavia grabs a can of beer off a mortal, and chugs it down. As he looks back in surprise, she vomits the whole things back between their feet. She then stares straight into his eyes, unblinking, until he walks away deciding the start of the concert is not the time to fight.

Terrence arrives and looks around at the young mortals. He walks alone with his hands and pockets. He looks around quietly.

Patrick simply stares at the mortals, sticking close to Carys and the others. He does recognize Octavia and Artemis, and suppresses a groan.

Byron just stares at the mess his sire just vomited up everywhere and skitters backwards as he joins Octavia and Artemis. He makes a ick sound and starts to wipe his gloved hands on his jacket, shivering like its 20 below out.

Carys waves Terrence over to their small group. "Hey, you made it! Join us." She sees Octavia, Artemis, and oh geez, Byron.

Lawrence laughs at Octavia's antics between glowers at kids trying to trample the garden, keeping an eye on mainly his own pack, but glancing around at any others he knows as they arrive and mill through the crowd.

Terrence sees Carys wave and he raises his head toward the group. He approaches them and offers a awkward, "Hi." He notices Byron, and a guy who drinks beer and vomits. He blinks, but turns his attention back to the group. "So What are we here for again? I think I was typing when Carys explained his to me."

Tempest helps direct mortals into the venue, smiling and nodding, keeping as many out of trouble as she can, feeding them into the site where this performance is supposed to be at.

Byron doesn't look anything like Byron. Then again, he recently had a 'life changing' event. He follows Artemis and Octavia in silence, watching the crowd gather.

Carys replies to Terrence, "We are here to meet Priscus Jolan, and whomever else. Plus there is a big concert for whomever wants to hear Jayne Jonestown." She whispers something else to Terrence then.

Patrick feeling a bit the odd duck out, but that is normal for him. He simply stays observant to the goings on around himself.

A blonde short haired woman in a business suit arrives and she hands each of the kindred backstage 'all access' passes, plus a few extra for late arrivals. She seems slightly nervous, and never speaks. Seeming to know exactly who gets the pass and who doesn't. You spot mortals with passes, but none of them say 'all access'.

Octavia sells some heroin mixed with rat poison to a couple of strung out seeming people. She exchanges number, giving those of an enemy back home. That should pay for gas money.

Whatever is whispered into Terrence's ear has his mouth drop and he says in a low tone, "What- the fuck?"

Artemis grins and watches Octavia do her thing. She slaps Byron on the back and says, "chin up, buddy! This'll be fun!", then she catches what she said and says "oh... er..."

Byron jumps as he's slapped. "Y..yes. Fun." his voice is raspy and distant. "Looks like we're gettin passes.."

Carys puts the pass in her pocket and nods slowly to Terrence. "Yep.

Tempest slides her pass over her head and then walks back to Carys and nods at Terrence. "We ready to go in yet?" she glances around, like she's security, even though she's not.

The stage is large and currently dark but it's obvious someone spent a lot of money to put on this festival, the crowd is beginning to get rowdy as last minute preparations are being made. There /is/ security here. Men in black suits, each with a Bluetooth are stationed every couple of hundred feet. There doesn't appear to be a shortage of security, but serving staff and bartenders seem to be lacking and it appears to be pissing the crowd off who seem to be in dire need of alcohol or just a distraction, the show was supposed to have started 20 minutes ago and Jayne is late. Not surprising, considering his reputation.

Patrick gets his pass, puts it over his head silently, then glances to Carys and Terrence. And Terrence's reaction he arches a brow.

Lawrence takes the pass and joins the others, almost ignoring the woman who handed them out and moves closer to his pack, giving them both a questioning look that echoes Terrence's question.

Carys puts on her pass now, and leads them in toward the backstage area. "Let's get out of this crowd."

Terrence shakes his head with disgust and captures a pass. He slips it around his neck. He looks at Tempest, but doesn't answer her. He nods to what Carys says, and then looks at Patrick and shrugs his shoulders. "I'm ready when anyone is." He doesn't say the words to anyone in particular. He nods to Carys, and follows her inside.

Tempest stays close to Carys and Lawrence, knowing that she doesn't like this idea. Everything is off, but she's trying to be ready for what is sure to not be a good thing.

Octavia makes a couple more deadly hand to hands to those anxious for alcohol, before moving with Artemis to the backstage area.

Lawrence slips his pass over his head and follows Carys backstage

A light drizzle begins to fall as the "Jayne Jonestown and the Graveyard Skullfuckers" finally gets underway. The playlist is approximately what gets played as Jayne performs his concert. The crowd consists of a predominately young audience numbering close to 1800 mortals. When the music starts Jayne Jonestown's entrance is in an antique Mercedes limo, accompanied by two of his blood dolls. The first time the whole group has performed together in several years and tensions among the band are high. The crowd is stoked and exited to hear any new material. They don't seem to get that he's tired. His lyrics are lazy and his material is all about his lack of desire to do this anymore. He's been in the business for years and adept at cranking out crap and making it seem edgy, only the smarter fans notice it. Most of the crowd are oblivious and they are having the time of their lives. Perceptive vampires would notice there are an awful lot of suits that must be acting as security as each have a Bluetooth and they all appear to be keeping a careful watch on everything that happens. Fights are quickly ended by them and the offenders dragged away, not to be seen again.

Carys looks around to keep her small group together - Tempest, Lawrence, Patrick, and Terrence. They make their way through the crowd to the backstage area.

The VIP Area - Raised above the throng a platform is where VIPs with backstage passes get to congregate, forming a line to enter the real party. Guarding the way a statue of an Aztec war god stands before the cliffside entrance. Beyond an open doorway into the cliff leads inside of an ancient Aztec temple. Inside of the temple the kine are herded like cattle, waiting in line for a chance to meet with the rock legend when he comes off stage. The acoustics of this place keep in the noise generated by the crowd remarkably well. Your backstage passes allow you to traverse past the line and enter the crowded inner sanctum of the temple. Monitors line all of the walls and they give a view of the performance taking place back on the surface.

Byron moves with Artemis and Octavia backstage, also making the hand signs. Maybe it's easier to communicate that way.

Patrick makes his way backstage with the others, the music granting on his nerves slightly. Or something is, at any rate. He just continues to watch things around them. He mentions offhandedly, "There are normally at least 30 security present for an event for say, a thousand people. I think there are that many simply around the stage area."

Lawrence shrugs at Patrick's statement. "We's in Mexico, bad t'ings happen ta people 'round 'ere."

Terrence looks at Patrick, "Maybe this crowd deserves that many." He looks around as they enter the VIP, and he moves toward Carys to whisper something in her ear.

Tempest tilts her head at Patrick and she just shakes it and then goes up out of the way to watch. "This is going to go bad, and fast."

As you travel through this temple its apparent that it's genuine. Not that you've ever heard of it, it doesn't exist in any textbook or research paper.

The Inner Sanctum This room is filled with kindred and is currently serving as a discotheque decorated with a Latin flavor. Each mortal that is allowed in, is nudged toward the altar on the far end of the room. Ever increasingly the mortal is handled and then carried forcibly onto the stone table where someone dressed as an Aztec shaman is cutting hearts out with an obsidian knife and passing bloody organs out to the guests. Only those who are wishing to show their support for a Regent are permitted past this point. From here you are led down a winding stone staircase.

Doug glances over toward Tempest and shrugs. "Anybody goes this far south and don't know their ass from a hole in the ground--" He leaves the rest implied, though, not wanting to burn too much energy talking over the noise.

Carys blinks at what she sees. But moves along, keeping her group close. She looks at each to make sure they are good.

Lawrence sticks beside Carys and Tempest, keeping an eye out for their sires. Ohh.. heart's blood. He wonders if that tastes as good as it sounds.

A strange vampire in a mustache, wearing a Mexican General's uniform approaches your group. He smiles charmingly and directs your attention to the Aztec priest, "Refreshment is being served over there. Greetings newcomers, I am Generalissimo Perfidio Dios, a pleasure to meet you! Admittedly, I am also a guest as are you.. but I did hear you are from north of the border. Madame Jolan does know how to throw a party, no?" he laughs.

Terrence whispers something more to Carys as he looks around him. His eyes pause at the humans being moved. He nods to Generalissimo and looks in the directions of the refreshments. "Hello."

Carys grins to this character and replies, "Greeting to you as well. I am Carys Thomas. This is my group from North of the border. This certainly is quite a party."

Patrick looks relieved when he notices Doug has joined them. He gives him a nod, then watches the activity around the alter. He glances then to Perfidio, and gives him a curt nod, "It is... impressive."

Perfidio points out a guestbook where each of the packs have signed in, it's written in blood of course. The list includes..

This is a list of packs from Mexico City El Grito de Dolor Las Hermanitas de Zila Schichiriel Las Emblemas Los Angeles Suciedad La Cruz de Machetes Universidad de Noche Los Hechiceros del Teocalli El Capulli Rojo Encapuchados Los Ninos Heroes Partido Devoloutionario Institucional

While there are plenty of feral eyes around here, Vera's distinct green ones burn holes in people as she doesn't seem thrilled by being surrounded by kine or fellow kindred. She checks the backstage pass and the gruesome sight of live Aztec heart removal, not interested in the barbaric sacrifice of mortals. A heavy sigh escapes her lips, as she reapplies black lipstick to her pout. Sneaking her way through the crowd, she runs a hand through her blonde hair keeping quiet and observing others; especially the Mexican general. She does look at the guestbook and decides not to sign it.

Lawrence goes ahead and signs 'Red Circle' to the guest list for his own Posse, and does accept the 'refreshments' his hosts so hospitably offer.

Octavia removes her ritual dagger, slices her hand gently, and uses the blood to sign.

Carys nods to Lawrence as he signs. She then gestures for Doug or Patrick to do the same, and then Terrence.

Byron motions to Octavia to stop but he shakes his head when she continues. He shakes his head and doesn't offer to sign unless his pack makes him. Blood is power after all.

Perfidio just hangs out and chats amiably, "So ehm.. Madame Jolan believes she has the cat in the bag with her bid. Charles Delmare was thought to be a shoe in, but.. this is the Consistory! They're going to decide on a new Regent after they finish with the issue of Galbraith's murderer. Can you believe it? Almost twenty years, that guy posed as her.." and then Perfidio begins to do a Melinda Galbraith imitation, had you ever met her you'd say, 'that's her' he's REALLY good at impressions, it seems. He follows it up with a haughty Charles Delmare VI impression, "We're going to get to the bottom of this." he narrows his eyes. "The whole thing is a sham, I've been downstairs. They don't give a shit what happened to her. The investigation is a farce."

Doug scrawls down his pack's name in turn. "How much are we supposed to tip?" he asks of no one in particular.

Patrick signs the book after Doug does, then sucks at his cut. He runs his finger along it for a moment, sealing it, then looks at Perfidio, "A farce to what end?"

Tempest looks slightly amused at Doug. "I think you just did, in blood," she looks out over the crowd and doesn't run to stand in line for the 'refreshments'

Terrence takes his turn writing in his pack's name- even though no one else in his pack seems to be in attendance. He looks around to see if maybe he missed someone. He moves to stand beside Carys, watching the man without laughter or amusement on his face.

Carys gives Terrence a pat on the back, knowing his pack mates are not here for some reason, so keeping him with them. "So a new Regent, huh? Well, after all that happened, they probably want to sweep stuff under the rug and get someone else in power that might not have the same thing happen to her."

As Perfidio is moving onto more obscure impressions of vampires you've never heard of, a sly looking blonde male vampire in an antique business suit, he appears vaguely Irish and when he speaks, his voice is definitely Irish. "Salutations.. I am Joseph O'Grady of El Capulli Rojo, we are overseeing the ritus on this night. Would you care to accompany me downstairs so we may commence?"

Octavia looks to Perfidio, "Now do Salieri."

Byron has no idea what's going on but he follows along. In time, he is sure he'll learn.

Perfidio turns comically sour and he plucks at his uniform primly, "I never do composers Madame."

Carys looks to catch the eyes of each of her group. "Greetings Mr. O'Grady. Thank you, sure thing." She takes a step forward, ready to follow this man.

Tempest looks up as O'Grady comes up to them and waits to see if Carys agrees and then she grabs Doug's hand before they get going, keeping him close to her.

As you slowly gather your group and follow O'Grady down the winding stone stairs.

Terrence nods to the man, "Hello," he nods to Carys and follows where ever the man leads. He's mindful of the people near him, not brushing anyone, etc.

Octavia looks to Perfidio, "You're a bit behind the times on new, he's a decomposer these days."

The Garden Amphitheater - Blood Bath Consistory

The winding stairs come out the side of a ringed cliff within the side of the mountain and opens into an outdoor amphitheater. High above the sky is black and lightning cuts across the sky as a storm roils, threatens to downpour. Half of the enclosed area is dedicated to a waterfall of blood which falls in a steady stream via the continual sacrifices taking place in the temple above. The red river trails down the rocks into many empty pools in which all Sabbat are taking part in a blood bath ceremony. Each member of the Sabbat is expected to participate and Revenant servants assist to cover them head to toe in blood.

Here entire packs are taking part in a Vauldrie under the guidance of members of El Capulli Rojo. After each completes that ritae then the pack enters a private shrine to speak a solemn sermon to Caine. All of this is under the scrutiny of 13 shadowy alcoves that dot the opposite side of the amphitheater. Outside some of the alcoves, stand Templars who guard the dignitaries.

Priscus Szechenyi Jolán - The Mother of Horrors is in a seat of prominence, she holds an infant that lacks arms and legs. She is holding it against her chest as she is breastfeeding it her blood. She is dressed in a simple white robe and her large white feathered wings are unfurled behind her.

Also present are Priscus Efrain Sortano - The Zookeeper and a small horror as his companion. It sort of resembles a skinned monkey.

Cardinal Valenko Dmiritav is seated with a grim attendant who towers over anyone else present.

Cardinal Radu Bistri is here with three Gangrel elders who are his guests Finally a solitary Cardinal Timofiev

The empty alcoves have assigned seating for all of the invited dignitaries, signs read the following names at the rest of the empty alcoves. Cardinal Charles Delmare VI Cardinal Eleiser de Polanco Cardinal Mysancta Gustav Mallenhous Maria Sandoza - Grand Inquisitor Cardinal Menuven Priscus Venere Carboni Priscus Teresita - Godmother to the Damned.

In the center of this entire spectacle, a central pit holds a single prisoner caged within it, visible for all to see. Some of the Sabbat from Prospect would remember him. It's Mike 'the Senator' Powell. According to the whispers overheard, they say this is actually Zachary Sikorsky a Tzimisce imposter of great skill and relative youth who took the place of the Regent for nearly two decades.

Patrick sticks close to the group, nodding to Carys, but watching around him. Impressed, by the expression in his eyes, but also wary of the entire situation, and still pondering on Angel's words in the bus.

Lawrence sticks close to his pack, and the fellow shovelheads that have stood by them, still watching for Angel or the others, a bit of a mess on his chest from the snack from the previous area. Slob.

Carys blinks and looks to Terrence and then Patrick. "What ... the..."

Tempest holds onto Doug's hand, closing her eyes for a moment and turning into his shoulder. She takes a deep breath and then looks up, keeping her eyes open and not hiding.

Terrence stays close to Carys and his eyes widen with surprise as he sees the fountain of blood. His eyes widen, and then he looks up to see Mike in a cage. His brow furrows and he lets out a groan. He shakes his head. "That's the last time I trust a guy in a black nightie. I just thought he was eccentric."

Patrick stares hard at the prisoner in the cage, keeping his expression all but unreadable.

Doug glances over to Terrence and shrugs, even as he helps himself to an armful of Tempest's waist. Who'd stop at holding hands? "Hey, if he's flaming, that's his business. Question is, is /this/ the same one we knew? Just 'cause they look the same doesn't mean much anymore."

The amphitheater is massive, the dignitaries are not close enough to have conversations with. They merely peer at you with mild curiosity and disdain. Angel, Killer, Lance, Sky, Spyder, Lee, John, Thana are all present here, as is a filthy Hafiza. She boldly walks to the alcove of Cardinal Menuven and she takes her place there, unopposed. She squats in the shadows of that alcove and for the first time ever, as she peers at all of you. She smiles.

Terrence looks at Doug, "He was dancing with a lot of women at the club, and he seemed to be into them. I don't think he was gay, but- eh it doesn't matter. I was trying I make a joke. I failed." He looks blankly at the cage. He then turns his attention to the elders, and he nods his head in acknowledgement to them.

Doug also offers the caged whoever-he-is a wave with his free hand. Been nice knowing ya, pal!

Patrick whispers to Carys, Doug, and the others immediately around them, "It could be, but I am not absolutely positive. I wish I could get closer, to examine him."

The prisoner in the cage seems to recognize your group, and his sad eyes cast downward slowly in shame and sheer terror.

Carys tilts her head at Hafiza's move. "I wonder what the others think of that. If that is ok. We should go join them. See what Angel has to say about this. Come on."

Byron stays quiet behind Artemis and Octavia. This is it, Byron. The side of the Sabbat you never got to see. Don't fuck this up. He doesn't move or breathe, as if trying not to even be noticed.

Terrence cocks his head at Mike's sad eyes. He nods to Carys and follows her to the group.

Lawrence blinks at Hafiza, and sticks with his crew, watching the reactions of the Red Circle's sires when she splits for her own thing.

Byron mutters to itself.

Bishop Angelica approaches and she smiles nervously, her small bat like wings flutter behind her. "Everyone is expected to take part in the ritae, in fact.. it's mandatory. Then one at a time, each of the Ductus are to step forward and state for the Consistory to hear, who their pack supports for Regent." she glances up at Madame Jolan, maybe for approval. Vera and Octavia are given a courteous nod, "You ladies can do as you like, you don't quite fall under my jurisdiction. Angelica de Vaca, pleased to make your acquaintance." she smiles prettily. Angel could not have been more than 11 or 12 when she was embraced.

Byron mutters something to himself, and seems a bit awestruck.

Vera looks to the cage and the alcoves, not one to say something; but rather let others do the talking. For her, the blood bath is quick as she is covered in vitae. The red essence dripping from her blonde hair and staining her clothes until she brushes her trench coat dry. Her hair twists and coils, releasing blood unto the floor as she dries herself.

Octavia nods politely back to the Bishop. She clearly wishes to show respect, without commanding attention.

Carys nods to Angel. "We are ready to complete the ritae then." She looks to the others from the packs. "Are we doing this with all 3 packs that are here together, or each pack on its own?"

Byron bows to the bishop from behind his sire and ductus. He closes his eyes for a moment, taking in the sights, the sounds, the smell of the true majesty of ritae.

A revenant rushes down the stairs and hurries his way to the alcove of Madame Jolan, after a quick whisper you hear the Priscus shriek, "They did WHAT?!?!" the Revenant servant is suddenly impaled on a set of bone spikes and it takes only a moment to realize that Madame Jolan just grasped the Revenant with her foot, which is shaped like a birds talons. The servant screams and writhes and everyone hears, "The Grimaldi defected mistress!! All of them!" at which point she hurls the servant against the side of the cliff with a splat.

Doug glances upward as he passes through the blood bath in turn, running the pad of a thumb through the blood and smearing a bit of it across Tempest's forehead. Before he can address Angelina, though, he turns and makes a face at this latest news. "Well, at least you didn't do /that/," he calls over to Byron.

Patrick follows after the others, giving that odd of his for just a moment as he passes through the bloodbath, then still keeping alert. So when Madame Jolan cries out, and rips apart the revenant he arches a brow. "Defecting...?" he echoes quietly.

Carys looks to Lawrence and Tempest with a dart of her eyes, and then back.

Terrence stays by Carys side, observing and waiting to see what happens next.

From the alcove of Cardinal Menuven, soft whispery laughter begins to ensue. A chorus of voices all at once, issues out of the mouth of Hafiza and her visage appears possessed and utterly demonic. "You expect us to support you when you cannot even control your servants?" Hafiza grins maniacally from her alcove and she stares daggers at Madame Jolan.

Lawrence looks up at the screeching while waiting his turn in the bath, looking up at Hafiza as she gloats.

Byron looks to the revenant that goes splat. A week ago, that could have been him giving the bad news. It still could in his unproven state. He shuffles his feet at Doug's words. "Yes. I am grateful it wasn't." he says, speaking up for the first time in a raspy voice. He then quiets at the gloating. This is going to be bad. For everyone.

Tempest glances at Carys and Lawrence, but moves to participate in the ritual with her pack. She stays with them, even through the blood bath, though it's not her favorite thing, obviously.

Terrence stays by Carys' side, making sure they are out of the way of fire. He observes quietly.

Carys gestures to her group, directing those remaining to go through the blood bath, and away from the issue going on.

A dark clad vampire descends the stairs and he walks over to the pit/cage and peers down at the prisoner before looking up at the dignitaries. "Lords and Ladies of the Night, Venere Carboni and his followers are within the inner sanctum, awaiting your admittance." then he gestures to the prisoner. "Has his fate been decided?"

Patrick remains with the others, but does pay close attention to the fate of the prisoner.

Doug mutters to Tempest, "... gonna..."

Tempest leans in to listen to Doug, her eyes on the cage. She didn't know the man well, but still doesn't want to see him punished for whatever it was that he did.

Lawrence enters the blood bath with his pack, licking his lips and enjoying the sensation, and waiting patiently for whatever is going to happen.

Byron stays close to his pack, letting the blood run over him. He turns to watch the person in the cage, arching his brow questioningly.

Szechenyi Jolán closes her eyes and composes herself as the other Cardinals and Priscus present murmur among themselves, finally she speaks. "The prisoner will die by Tzimisce hands, slowly..very..slowly. He has been found guilty of murdering the Regent and using demonic forces to accomplish his vile deed." she reaches over and delicately pushes a nearby button on a panel. At this point a stone portcullis drops and seals off the stairwell out. A cry of alarm sounds from upstairs and within moments, you begin to hear screams a LOT of screams. "My loyal supporters.." she says with a forced smile, "I am afraid that Venere Carboni will not be making the Consistory this evening. A pity." she trails off, and there is the sound of gunfire above and a lot more screaming.

Patrick mumbles something quickly to Doug.

Carys goes through the blood bath but with so much else going on, she cannot 'enjoy' it. She gets out and shrugs it all off, and waits for the rest of the group to complete it. She watches all that is going on - keeping her group a fair enough distance away.

At this point, the waterfall of blood coming down the rocks begins to torrent.

Doug leans in toward Patrick to listen, then shakes his head. "I don't think we need to worry about it till we get back."

Lawrence takes a look at Patrick as the announce the slow death of the prisoner. "Think they'd let a new guy like you inta tha' execution?"

Patrick tilts his head upwards for a moment, nodding to himself. "That's cool," he responds to Doug before glancing over at Lawrence, "Let them deal with it, I'll stick with the group. Slow torture could take the rest of the night, and there are things to do. And learn."

Terrence watches the Jolan and listens to her speak. He stands near Carys as she takes her blood bath. He looks at the torrent that comes down and listens to the screams up above.

Byron closes his eyes in the torrent, listening to the screams. "One thing I can say about my..." he clears his throat. "The Tzimisce." he says. "They can do one hell of a good torture."

Tempest nods and she looks over at her pack and Doug. "I did say it was all going to go to shit. And it is. No other way to get around that." She steps out of the blood bath as soon as she can.

Angel grins mischievously, almost gleeful as she gazes at Madame Jolan with adoration. The stone portcullis raises back up after some time and shortly after, blood trails down those stairs as well. A lumbering figure slowly descends the winding stairwell, followed by another, and another and another. They just keep coming in, each of them are splattered with blood and they all move toward the alcove of Cardinal Menuven, Hafiza's eyes narrow and she attempts to flee, to no avail. She is set upon by these monsters, whatever they are. Hafiza is torn to shreds in moments and while she is dying, you can hear Madame Jolan say, "I am afraid my hospitality has ended for you Cardinal Menuven, send another pawn when you wish to but expect the same next time." and in seconds, Hafiza is rended limb from limb, ashing partially and her dying wail fills the amphitheater. The rest of the dignitaries are, actually a little surprised by this turn of events.

Carys gestures for Terrence to hurry through. Not like they want to offend those left that could certainly do /bad/ things to them. "We stick together, keep our eyes open and get out of here as soon as we are able without pissing them off." She blinks at the things that come in, and she gathers the group together.

Doug looks back to Tempest, shaking his head. "This many people? Yeah, probably. Long as it isn't--" But that /also/ gets cut off as another Obvious Traitor In Retrospect gets their just desserts.

Angel whispers, "Ductus, step forward and state which candidate your pack supports." then she giggles a little. "Then you may depart, actually.. you had probably better depart quickly." she whispers.

Lawrence watches as Hafiza gets ripped apart, and her gleeful cackling turns into terrified screams, letting the blood drip on the floor.

Terrence appears somewhat cautious, but at Carys insistence he enters the blood bath alone. He's not in there long, and exits to wipe his clothes off, although the blood stains everything.

Patrick blinks at the creatures that come in, but not in horror as much as appreciation perhaps. Admiration for some wonderful work. But then his eyes seem to show confusion as yet another is killed, and Angel seems perfectly fine with it. He looks to Carys at her words, then his eyes go to Doug. He ponders for a moment how Angel's gift of the statue went over, but does that really matter? He does glance back to what is left of Hafiza, thinking of another night, and doesn't seem particularly regretful.

Carys gets a text and starts to cackle. She covers her mouth trying not to get too much attention. She says, "Serves him right."

Doug mutters to Patrick, "... much?... going with Charles,... can think... not..."

Having conferred with Patrick, Doug inclines his head to Angel, then - after taking a moment in advance to check exit routes - he steps forward to take his turn. "Doug Moreno, Ductus of the 77th. We support Charles Delmare."

Patrick mumbles something to Doug, keeping his eyes alert.

Carys grins and reveals to those listening to her. "Well...we shouldn't worry about the Grimaldi anymore. Looks like they got duped. Pablo and the other Grimaldi got flown to Atlanta, not just him, but all of them that defected. There was a blood hunt the minute they arrived. Boom."

Lawrence smirks. "Good thing he didn't miss his plane."

Patrick says, “Plans within plans..."”

When Doug speaks up, he gets the attention of the dignitaries and most especially Madame Jolan whose expression darkens when a vote for Charles Delmare is heard. Angel frowns thoughtfully but she remains silent.

Byron rubs his chin thoughtfully. And Mustang, who is a Grimaldi is not here either. Interesting indeed.

Patrick moves closer to Doug at the looks, obvious to any that he has the other's back. Glances around swiftly, wondering again at Lee's absence.

Terrence silently observes.

Octavia steps forward, "I serve at the pleasure of the Sword, who they choose I shall follow."

Angel whispers to Carys softly and nudges her forward.

Byron nods in agreement, standing behind Artemis.

The sky finally lets loose and it begins to pour, the rain comes down hard and no one in the alcoves seem to mind. They are dry.

Carys nods to Angel, and she steps forward, "I am Carys Thomas, Priest of The Red Circle. We support Szechenyi Jolán." She steps back to rejoin her group then, and wipes her wet hair back, glad for the rain to help take off more of the blood still on her.

Lawrence uses the rainwater to brush some of the blood off, patting Carys on the shoulder when she rejoins them, looking up at the alcoves.

Angel wraps her little arms around Carys and gives her a squeeze, "Wonderful!" she exclaims to her. Szechenyi Jolán stares at Carys when she speaks her name and a haughty smirk is offered in response, nothing else. Angel begins ushering her group toward the stairs, "It's time we depart, shall we wait for Vera to cast her vote or not?" she questions the entire group of her packs present.

Patrick just stands in the rain. He doesn't seem to care if the blood on him thins, and trails off. His eyes are on the ones around them as he keeps his face impassive.

Carys is a bit disturbed by the little ultra powerful vamp hugging her, but does not show it. She starts to follow Angel, but takes the hands of those from the group nearest her to drag them along with her. Time to get the f'in hell outta dodge. "Come on everyone." She makes sure they all follow along.

Terrence watches Carys and he nods when she speaks of leaving. He follows her out.

Lawrence is the last of the group to leave, keeping an eye on the other packs as they head out.

Patrick leaves whenever Doug does, wanting to know the outcome but also wanting to simply leave.

The carnage on the way upstairs is not quite as bad as it sounded like, most of the vampires who were in the disco are still alive but many were slain by the now motionless Vozhd that stand outside of the alcoves they once formerly occupied all along the walls of the inner sanctum. Vampires are sifting through the pieces and on your way out, the word is.. no one can find Venere Carboni who was supposedly in the room when the massacre took place and the target of the Vozhd attack, no trace. Outside it's surreal, the performance long over. Most of the fans are departed and long since gone home. Those that weren't VIPs at least. Somehow all of you managed to survive the Consistory, sham that it was.

As weeks go by, word slowly seeps in that the Consistory which you attended was almost made exclusively of Tzimisce dignitaries. The Lasombra, save Cardinal Menuven did not attend. No Regent was decided on and the rumor is, civil war has broken out within the Sword of Caine, between Lasombra and Tzimisce. Whatever became of Venere Carboni, no one knows.