Archie Samson

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The Zombie
Full Name: Archie Samson
Birthdate: October 25th, 1994
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Hometown: Prospect, CA
Occupation: Crazy Hobo
Demeanor: Waif

Guild: Haunters
Faction: Renegades
Shadow Archety[e: The Freak
Shambling Revenge
  • Local. Archie was born and raised right here in Prospect, and never really left. She was born in 1994, and up until two years ago she was a regular at local cafes and such. She went to local schools, though never went to college, and it's really easy to come up with past connections if people want!

  • Blue Collar. This girl was as blue collar as they come. She liked old cars and music, and drank cheap beer and even worked at a local factory. It's like she was meant to be from a steel mill town in middle America in the 50's or 60's, and not Prospect.

  • Family. Her family is still around and can be known by people. Her dad is a retired fisherman, and her older brother works as a bartender at a local bar. Her little sister is just getting ready to graduate High School.

  • Death. Two years ago, on Halloween night, Archie was working at the bottling plant. The Sabbat came in and decided it was where they were going to hold a high ritual known as Palle Grande. Everyone inside was slaughtered. The police later blamed an insane co-worker, thanks to Kindred cover-up.

  • Ghost. The girl spent the last two years as one of the Restless Dead, watching the world, and specifically the Vampires. She became a Haunter, and actually gained a good amount of prestige within the Guild.

  • Returned. Archie has risen from the grave, so to speak. She's Risen. She emerged from her grave quite recently, and it isn't at all what she expected. She's confused, angry, and doesn't know where to go from here.

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The Servant - Cells

On the city's skin they move on mass
Like a rash on the back of a manky cat
Now in I go like a fool
I can't resist dipping in the pool
I watch them watch me I watch them too

MIracle of Sound - The Best Of Us

Unlikely guide
I will follow you
Stay by my side
See tomorrow through
Two roads
Merging in one line

The Dead
None - None.

The Quick
None - None

The Enemy
None - None

From The Graves

xxxxxTo Come.



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