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This district is centered on a meadow in the southeastern quadrant of Lion's Reach County. Consisting of the Meadow of the Well, the Lost in Time Market , The Blue Boar Inn and the nearby Rhapsody Freehold, this small district is linked mundanely to the Rhapsody dance club via a rath found on the main floor. Currently under the Guardianship of John Balance, Ethan Sienna, and a Prismatic Dragon Bygone. The trio is charged with keeping peace there, as well as overseeing the safety and respectful use of the small balefire in the newly restored Freehold. It is guarded further by hired guards who patrol both the Freehold and Meadow, as well as the Lost in Time Market.

Freehold Information

Glamour Produced: 3 per Night
Court Affiliation: Neutral, Commoner
Protected By: John Balance, Ethan Sienna, Prismatic Dragon Bygone

Freehold Guardian


No one knows when exactly the bygone came to settle Itself at the Rhapsody Freehold, only that It's always been there. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of It coiled around the roof, but more often than not, It goes unseen. Some say It's just a rumor, a mythical monster to scare people into being good around the freehold, but be careful saying that too loudly, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup should the Dragon make Its presence known! One thing is certain - the Dragon does not put up with anything that disturbs It, or the place It has claimed as home. You are welcome there, but only if you follow the general rules of hospitality within It and Its proxies' domain.

(The Dragon may be portrayed by PCs within the limits of '+policy hand waving', or with staff approval on a case-by-case basis.)

Freehold House Rules

  • Seelie and Unseelie welcome here; all must abide by the Escheat and use decorum.
  • Keep your petty bullshit away from the Bale. It is sacrosanct.
  • Nobody cares what your Title is here, or who you're fucking.
  • This is not your Demesne, to do within as you want. Take it elsewhere.
  • Respect is earned, not demanded.
  • Likewise, rudeness and ignoring common etiquette will not be tolerated.
  • Don't shit where you eat, people.
  • Were-Prodigals should avoid shifting, as the Dragon could view it as a threat.
  • Use your fucking words to solve issues rather than fists, teeth, claws or Sovereign.
  • Leave the Dragon alone and raise issues with its proxies, Balance and Ethan.
  • If the Dragon does show up, ursupator emptor.

Meadow of the Well


Just outside the freehold is a large meadow at the base of a hill. Atop the hill resides the wishing well that gives this district its name. Many a holiday party is held here, and Kith and Kin can be found picnicking when the Dreaming's weather allows. Nearby, on the far side of the hill, is the Lost in Time Market; where practically anything can be acquired, should one be able to pay the price.

The Blue Boar Inn


This rustic, comfortable Inn and stable is located just by the Freehold itself. All are welcome to enter and partake of good food, strong beverage, festive music and the hospitality of Gliadrachan ni Gwydion.

Lost in Time Market


The Lost in Time Market is a County-conceived, Commoner-operated initiative. Much hard work and dedication from allied Counties, traders, and the local population brought the Market to life; that life is sustained by its current Kinain and Kithain merchants (currently John Balance, Ethan, and Mr. Rodrigo Garcia all maintain businesses there). The Market's defenses are overseen by the local nobility, and paid for out of taxes collected for the County and Ducal coffers. The day to day affairs, however, are left to shop owners, and the environment is especially Commoner friendly. Kithain and Kinain craftspeople of all kinds are encouraged to open up businesses there.

Shops and Institutions of Note

Covey-Fychell College is a magical boarding College that occupies one of the largest lots in the Southwest quarter of Lost in Time Market. It is an endeavor of the combined efforts of several local Baronies and Titled and unTitled Commoners to foster a deep knowledge and respect of the Escheat and upholding its tenets, and assist new Chrysalids and Kinain in learning how to navigate the Dreaming and all Its wonders and dangers. Tuition is free; however, tutelage is by invitation only.
A most unusual shop that occupies one of the largest lots in the northeast quarter of Lost in Time Market. Unlike most of the other stalls and storefronts, the merchandise that the ground-floor shop deals with is unique even by the standards of the Dreaming - its trade is in bespoke dreams (and undoubtedly nightmares) themselves. Contact its proprietor, John Balance if you have any inquiries or wish to consult his services.
  • Steeds Crossing Outpost
Several stalls have been set aside to showcase the mounts that come from Steeds Crossing Ranch, these days said stalls remain empty. Previously, the finest specimens produced were set aside for use by the army of the Duchy. With the chimera population having run wild and feral for many seasons, the freehold (now under the command of Ethan) is in the process of building back up and taming the breeding stock.